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Sports Journalism & Broadcasting Career Paths



Sports Journalism & Broadcasting Career Paths

Sports are some of the most popular pastimes in the world. Whether it’s playing sports, watching them, or talking about them, sports offer many individuals an outlet for fun and enjoyment. As one might imagine, a field as fun as sports is an enticing one to pursue a career in. Unfortunately for many of us, we’re not cut out to be professional athletes competing at a professional level.

Though this may be the case, there are other careers in the field that can allow one to enjoy, talk about, and analyze sports and even get paid to do so. There is a multitude of career paths in the fields of sports journalism and broadcasting that can both provide individuals with a space to explore their passions and also make a living.

Those interested in pursuing a career in sports are luckier than ever today when it comes to pursuing these career paths. Getting a sports journalism degree online has never been easier, and once becoming qualified, individuals have several career paths to choose from. Having an understanding of these career paths and what they entail can make the process of pursuing a sports journalism or broadcast career path easier to do.


Sports Writer

Sports writers are individuals who create articles or content about sports, typically for a news media outlet of some sort such as a newspaper. The writing done by sports writers can be published in print or digitally, or even in both forms depending on the organization. The position can be either a full-time role or done on a contract or freelance basis.

As a sports writer, one can specialize in writing about a specific sport or even a specific team. Depending on the size and type of publication that one writes for, one may, in some cases, oversee writing all content that covers sports.

Given the broad nature of the sports writer role, individuals can pursue roles that allow them to specialize in and write about topics that interest them. For those passionate about sports and able to write with clarity in a way that keeps people engaged, becoming a sports writer is a solid career path that can allow one the chance to turn their hobby into a career.


Sports Reporter

Sports reporters are journalists that report on sports-related topics and events. Like sports writers, sports reporters may write for specific news media outlets. However, the scope of a sports reporter’s job can be much broader than a sports writer.

Sports reporters may be involved in radio or television broadcasts in addition to writing for print or digital platforms. This means that a sports reporter could be a correspondent on television for a news channel or a radio personality on a sports radio network.

Like sports writers, sports reporters have a lot of space in terms of what they report on. They could report on all sports-related events, one specific sport, or even one specific team. The many different avenues that one can take as a sports reporter make it an attractive field to those who love sports and want to explore it in different ways.


Sports Announcer

Sports announcers are those who provide commentary to audiences of sports games in real-time. They can do this through a variety of mediums, the most popular being on radio and television. During games, sports announcers will relay what is happening, and from time to time, give context to certain situations that occur.

Sports announcers can sometimes be announcers for a specific team, following them as they play games in different venues. Just like sports vary widely, so too can the job of sports announcer in many ways. For instance, sports such as tennis may see announcers working during tournaments most of the time while baseball announcers typically follow the same team throughout the entirety of a season.

Sports announcers must possess the ability to communicate what is going on in a sports game. To do this well, sports announcers must possess a deep knowledge of the sport they are announcing and must be able to explain confusing plays clearly to audiences.


Sports Information Director

Sports information directors are professional pr representatives who work in the sports industry. These professionals act as a point of contact for media outlets. Sports information directors will typically work for a specific sports organization or a specific team.

Part of a sports information director’s duties is to make sure that the organization or team that they represent is seen in a positive light by the media. These individuals have to have a thorough understanding of their specific organizations or team’s sport and must be adept at compiling information — such as specific statistics — to disseminate this information to various media outlets.

Sports information directors can work at colleges or professional organizations or sports teams. For individuals who love sports and believe that they can act as a representative for a specific organization or sports team, becoming a sports information director is a great way for one to do what they love while having an impressive and admirable career.


Turning a Passion for Sports Into a Career

Just because we can’t all be professional athletes doesn’t mean that we can’t have a fruitful career in sports. Sports journalism and broadcasting are sports-related fields that are ripe with career opportunities for sports lovers looking to pursue a sustainable career. By obtaining a degree in sports journalism, individuals can qualify themselves for one of the many exciting careers available in sports journalism and broadcasting.


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