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Seaside Rendezvous



Five-a-side Football

Seaside Rendezvous

It was an ordinary Tuesday.

With nothing off-note to report; his third (and final), fixture loomed. Entering the gated enclosure, attention was drawn to a couple of ‘Likely-Lads’ mid warm-up.

The more svelte-like of the duo was bedecked in international blue, and routinely tormented the taut goal-net – with unerring accuracy.

Simultaneously; his more-rotund compadre, seemed intent on re-creating keepie-uppie skills from memory.

Their combined humility however; served to put the referee’s mind at ease.

On the Friday (of that self-same week), the Scottish International squad were engaged in a World Cup qualifier (v Wales), – and surveying the suitably-attired gent pitchside, the ref was moved to think- what- if?

As the full-complement of players duly arrived – the local opposition appeared less star-struck than the match official.

The five-a-side seaside derby unfolded – with the ‘internationalist’ being shadowed by a youngster named ‘Goggles’, whose enthusiasm and endeavour proved infectious.

Throughout the fifty-minute goal-fest; fortune favoured the brave.

Forever mindful of the likelihood of injury – our ‘Ringer’ employed a two-touch-rule with aplomb. His close-control and long-range shooting ability – a sight to behold. And on the final whistle, applause appeared natural.

The ‘Internationalist’ made sure to personally congratulate each of his opponents; before leaving the field-of-play. On-route, the referee awarded ‘Goggles’ AKA James, the Man-of-the-Match Award – precipitating raised eyebrows from afar.

Passing the assembled group in the adjoining car park; the ref offered his congratulations (via a handshake), to the tracksuited individual – who reciprocated in-kind.

Since that balmy evening – his playing career has endured its fair share of highs & lows. Perhaps amid the home of jute, jam and journalism, a similar freedom of expression will emerge.

For the referee meanwhile; it was no ordinary Tuesday.


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Born in 1963, Peter attended St Mary's Leith High School. Peter worked within the plumbing industry before studying a degree in journalism within the University of Stirling. Peter has been a lifelong sports fan and has volunteered within the Edinburgh Soccer School's programme on numerous occasions.


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