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Premier League: Points Mean Prizes




Premier League: Points Mean Prizes

Match Day 38 – Super Sunday.

The 2020/2021 English Premiership season reaches its conclusion; and to paraphrase the late-great Bruce Forsyth, ‘it’s time to take a look at the old scoreboard’.

As the graphic is revealed, you could be mistaken for thinking it groundhog day.

Granted; the make-up of the top-five footballing sides are as-you-where. And moreover, for the most part, the narrative has revolved around the northern powerhouses of Manchester and Merseyside. But on closer analysis, final league positions offer hope to some (so-called), sleeping giants.

Notwithstanding the defending champions’ 30 Point shortfall; consider if you will; the fortunes of West Ham United and Aston Villa. In Season 2019/2020, each narrowly escaped relegation, yet twelve-months-hence; they represent the most improved sides in the top-flight. (Their combined points improvement stands at 40 and counting).

Then there’s newly-promoted Leeds United.

With their expansive high-press approach; The Peacocks have embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. With good reason; doubters flag-up (the likelihood of), ‘second-season-syndrome’ a la Sheffield United. However, with Marco Bielsa at the helm, this scenario appears somewhat fanciful.

Certainly the criteria surrounding Premiership survival remains a constant. A return of one-point-per-game should comfortably do-the-trick; and generally speaking, two-from-three of the newly-promoted; tend to find the terrain impassable. (A point not lost perhaps, on perennial underachievers Newcastle United).

Unquestionably sport is enriched by the presence of spectators. Their managed re-introduction has proved timely; allowing (among other things), Roy Hodgson’s life-long association with his beloved Crystal Palace, to be tangibly acknowledged. Contrastingly; in the case of the aforementioned West Ham, perhaps the absence of their ‘demanding’ support, has inadvertently produced an upturn in performance levels (David Moyes certainly appears a tad less agitated).

Groundhog or otherwise; the merits of the English Premier League will continue to invite debate. Be it club ownership; managerial acumen, player remuneration or fan participation.

Its appeal is widespread, and the opportunity to ‘level-up’ rests with all concerned.


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