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Top 5 NFL Denver Broncos Betting Trends For This Season



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Top 5 NFL Denver Broncos Betting Trends For This Season

The NFL is one of the most exciting events of the sporting calendar with thirty-two teams battling out to be the ultimate champion. American football may be most popular in the United States, but there is a huge global audience that is also keen to learn as much as they can about the teams, particularly in the run-up to the most important tournament, the Super Bowl.

With so much to play for, matches are hotly contested from the moment the season starts, and plenty of fans are hugely invested in each result. Not only do many football fans enjoy betting on the games to make them even more exciting, but fantasy football is big news, so every result counts.


The Denver Broncos

Currently owned by a group comprising two of the heirs to the Walmart fortune, the Denver Broncos is one of the most prestigious teams around. The team’s reputation has earned them fans all over the US as well as international football followers.

As one of the best-known teams in the AFC (American Football Conference) West division, the Denver Broncos are one of the most successful teams in the league. The team was originally in the AFL, joining the NFL as part of a merger in 1970.

They didn’t have a winning season during those first ten years, and the seven years afterwards didn’t yield much in the way of success either. They qualified for their first playoffs in 1977, made it to the Super Bowl in that season, and haven’t looked back since.

The team has gone from strength to strength over the last fifty years, with only eleven losing seasons since 1975. They have won the AFC Championships eight times, and the Super Bowl three times and they hold a joint record with the New England Patriots for the most Super Bowl losses – both teams have five.

Eight of the most iconic Broncos have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, including former club manager, Pat Bowlen:

John Elway
Floyd Little
Shannon Sharpe
Gary Zimmerman
Terrell Davis
Champ Bailey
Steve Atwater

With such a long and distinguished history, it’s no wonder that many sports fans consider the team a ‘safe bet’ when it comes to backing the team.


The Broncos in 2023

The last ten matches the Broncos have played may not have been their best – they lost seven of them – but overall, the team would have to do a lot more for any football fan to seriously bet against them. The end of the previous season saw them lose to:

Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams
Baltimore Ravens
California Panthers
Las Vegas Raiders
Tennessee Titans

But the team will be back with some new faces as they signed Elliott Fry, who has already appeared for the Falcons, Chiefs, and Bengals and has been brought in to replace predecessor Brandon McManus. He was the last of the winning team from Super Bowl 50, and his impressive record is a lot to live up to.

Even hardcore fans may be wary about backing Elliott Fry just yet, but many Bronco fans are looking for promos to get their futures bets in. He has already earned a reputation as the second-highest scorer of all time for the Carolina Gamecocks, so if he can stay true to form, then his appointment may be a sign of big things to come for the team.

The team has also signed Russell Wilson in a coup that many are expecting dramatically improve the Broncos’ odds in the Super Bowl. Indeed, this news took their overall odds from 25/1 to 16/1 prompting one confident player to lay a bet of $15,000 on the Broncos to win in the hope of taking home $240,000.

Having won the Super Bowl more than ten times, the Broncos share their double-digit record with nine other teams, demonstrating that players and teams do often go from strength to strength once they find a winning formula. This is attracting bettors that want to take advantage of the over/under and the Broncos are generating more bets and more revenue than the other teams in that category.

The Broncos’ offence is expected to be one of their strongest features in the coming season, particularly since Wilson’s signing. He has the seventh-lowest odds of being MVP, along with Dak Prescott and Matt Stafford. However, he is attracting plenty of bets and generating significant revenue, with at least one eager bettor placing a $3,000 bet on Russell Wilson for MVP in the hopes of winning $48,000 at 16/1.

The team is expected to start strong as they are set to take on the Las Vegas Raiders in September and eager fans and sports bettors will be keen to see how they perform.


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘Top 5 NFL Denver Broncos Betting Trends For This Season.’ What are your predictions for the Broncos this season? Let us know!


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