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9 College Football Facts You May Not Know



9 College Football Facts You May Not Know

College football is a favourite sport in the United States. It’s marked by a display of enthusiasm and intense passion for the game. College football teams compete for conference championships and a chance to play in the prestigious Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship game. This includes sporting wagers and odds placed for NCAAF bets. In this article, we will share nine college football facts.


The Heisman Trophy is named after a pioneer coach

John William Heisman was a pioneer college football coach credited with creating strategies and tactics that are common in the game. He developed the forward pass, the play from scrimmage, and the system of downs. Additionally, he popularized the use of the offensive line and created new formations (T-formation). His innovations made football a more exciting sport.


The first college football game was played on November 6, 1869

The first documented college football match was between Rutgers and Princeton on November 6, 1869. It was held at the former Rutgers campus, and Rutgers won the game 6-4. During the 19th century, teams played against other colleges in their region, but in 1894, the first college football team was formed outside the United States.


The annual Army-Navy game trophy is named after Lieutenant General Norman Schwarzkopf

The trophy awarded to the winner of the annual Army-Navy game is named after Lieutenant General Norman Schwarzkopf,  who played for the West Point football team. It was first awarded in 1955.  The annual Army-Navy game is the oldest continuous rivalry in college football and is played between the Navy Midshipmen and the Army Black Knights.


The Rose Bowl is the most historic bowl game

The Rose Bowl was first played between Michigan and Stanford. The game was intended for the best teams in the East and the West but has since expanded to include teams from every conference. It is one of the most prestigious college football bowl games and is held in the same stadium yearly.


The Georgia Bulldogs’ original talisman was a goat

The tradition of a live mascot began in 1893 when a live billy goat attended a Georgia football game. The goat lived at the home of the team’s president, who fed it cornmeal mush, molasses, and beer. The current costumed mascot is named Uga, a purebred English Bulldog.


The 2011 season is the most attended college football season

The 2011 college football season was one for the record books. A total of 50,895,913 fans attended games, beating the previous record of 50,626,337 set in 2009. The average attendance per game was also a new record, with 46,917 fans per game. The SEC topped all conferences in attendance, with an average of 75,723 fans per game.


The Michigan Wolverines has the most wins in college football history

The Michigan Wolverines have the most all-time wins in college football history, with 977 victories. They have the highest winning percentage of any team at the collegiate level and have won more Big Ten Championships than any other team. The Wolverines have also won more national championships than any other team. However, since the introduction of the college football playoffs in 2014, the Wolverines have reached the championship games three times but haven’t won the title.


The Oklahoma Sooners have the longest winning streak in college football history

The Oklahoma Sooners have the longest NCAA Division I winning streak in college football history, with 47 consecutive wins from 1953 to 1957. The Sooners’ winning streak began with a 7-0 victory over the Wichita State Shockers in October 1953. The team won two national championships in 1955 and 1956. However, Oklahoma ended its winning streak with a 14-7 loss to the Maryland Terrapins in October 1957. After the 1957 loss, Oklahoma won another national championship in 1958.


Yale football has the most NCAA football championships

Yale football has the most NCAA football championships, with 18 titles. Yale has played Harvard more than 40 times, and the Yale Bulldogs have won more than half of the matches. The first intercollegiate football game was played between Tufts and Harvard in 1875. Harvard and Yale were the first two teams to play each other in football.



College football is an exciting mix of history and interesting facts. Whether hilarious or mysterious, these facts will shed more light on some popular topics in college football.


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘9 College Football Facts You May Not Know.’ Which college football fact were you most surprised with? Let us know!


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