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League of Legends: How crucial to take the first Rift Herald?



League of Legends

League of Legends: How crucial to take the first Rift Herald?

Reading this article will gain you a new perspective on the relationship between the macro game and neutral objectives in League of Legends. In addition, you will have learned how to use the first rift Herald much more effectively to change the game in your favor.

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift. First, determine your purpose in the game. Will you crush your lane opponent by playing with intense pressure, or will you play in top lane with minimal trade? What’s on your mind? I want you to try hard to make it happen, even if you fail. Every single decision you make during the game, regardless of whether it’s great, is better than not deciding. There are some essential topics that you need to pay attention to and could be helpful for you climbing up the leagues from bottom to top. One of them is to know when it’s convenient for your team to get into the fight around neutral objectives in the game. Let’s talk about if it would be worth taking the first Rift Herald, even if it looks dangerous.


Everything you need to know about rift herald

We begin with crucial details about the third most powerful monster in the game (according to me, it’s crab), after Baron Nashor and Elder Drake. The first Rift Herald spawns at 8:00. If a champion slays the first Rift Herald before 13:45, the second Rift Herald spawns six minutes after being killed. You may think of picking up the first Rift Herald as early as possible because this adorable monster despawns at 19:45 (19:55 if in combat) instantly and leaves its place to Baron Nashor.

The Rift Herald has a vulnerable eye on its back. Your basic attack against the eye deals %12 of Rift Herald’s maximum health as true damage. When you hit the eye, it closes for 10 seconds. You can reduce the cooldown by 2.5 seconds every time you hit. The eye drops on the ground for 20 seconds after you kill the monster. Do not forget to take the eye that grants you empowered call and the ability to summon in a lane to take turret plates or destroy the turret. Your team members can take it instead of you.

The summoned Rift Herald targets the nearest minions and structures such as turrets and inhibitors. Rift Herald starts to wind up its charge on the structures, and this charge deals 2000–2750 damage based on level. Consider that the summoned Rift Herald has more health, attack speed, range, and movement speed than the pit Herald and it can also be teleported.

Keep in mind

Rift Herald has various features that affect our game directly. Be aware that sometimes it can be hard to kill the first Rift Herald on your own. If there are no jungle camps left for you to take, that means you have enough time to kill Rift Herald alone. So, why do not you try? If you cannot, do not hesitate to ask your top or mid laner for help unless they are available. On the other hand, certain champions are extremely weak in the laning phase such as Kayle, Azir, and Kassadin. If your team has one of these champions, it’s mostly up to you to take the first Rift Herald, because enemy team champions can move to the pit before your team members due to their early push.

Let’s make up our minds about your next move after you kill the first Rift Herald. Suppose that all is well in the game so far. Your teammates avoid risky moves so as not to give priority to the opposing team that could turn the game into a nightmare. You are not behind enemy jungler because you have already killed your jungle camps. The only thing you may lose while you are busy with Rift Herald is early drake. If that happens, it’s okay. You can compensate for this loss by taking the next one. Now it’s time to move on to your next mission straight away.

What’s next?

Your primary aim should be to enhance the gold gap by using Rift Herald as efficiently as possible. Start talking with your team members, analyze the game quickly, and decide which lane to use it in. That’s the point. It is vital to choose the lane where you can earn the most gold. Do not forget to consider how the early game is going for your teammates when making a decision. For instance, if your top laner took advantage in the laning phase, you can use Rift Herald in top lane to magnify your team’s impact on the top side of the map by taking plates or destroying the first turret of the game. You can do the same in mid or bot lane as well. If your team has strong early game champions that can push minion waves faster than the enemy and take lead in the laning phase, it will be easy to decide which lane to use Rift Herald in.

How to use

I think it is the perfect scenario for your team to summon the Rift Herald in mid lane because, which team destroys the mid lane outer turret first, takes control of the game. Mid lane is the most decisive lane in League of Legends. The impact of mid lane champions on the game increases from day to day. Do you want to join the fight anywhere on the map, or help your jungler to take neutral objectives? The only thing you have to do is pick a mid lane champion. If your team destroys mid turret first, the impact of the opposing team on the map will decrease. Rotating around the map, killing uncommitted monsters, and pushing minion waves on the enemy won’t be arduous for your team members.

Turret plates

Have you ever wondered how many resources are accessible in League of Legends? Minions, turrets, neural monsters, kills, assists, and more. Every single one of these sources creates a chance for you to change the game in your favor by dominating the enemy when used effectively. Turrets in the game are split into four different groups according to where they are located. Those are outer turrets, inner turrets, inhibitor turrets, and nexus turrets. Every single outer turret starts with five plates, each with 1000 health. This means if you want to destroy an outer turret, somehow you need to deal 5000 damage in total.

Keep in mind that other types of turrets have no plates. So, pay attention to the outer turrets to put in your pocket more gold. When a champion destroys turret plate, they receive a 160 gold reward. If there are teammates nearby, the gold reward will be shared equally. You can earn over 800 gold in total by destroying turret plates in the early game and reach your power spike faster than usual. That sounds nice; you need to hurry because the turret plates suddenly disappear at 14:00. Turrets gain more resistance as you take plates.


Expand your game view

You will need help from the summoned Rift Herald at this point. I recommend taking at least two or three turret plates before using Rift Herald. In this wise, you can use the summoned Rift Herald’s strength against the turrets to take all plates in the most ideal way. You are not supposed to use Rift Herald just for your own good. Sometimes, to win the game, leave resources to your teammates and help them become more powerful than the enemy in the mid-late game. Creating another winning condition would be preferable when you play with a champion that has a limited impact on the game. Try to choose a flawless way to increase the gold gap. The gold difference is an essential statistic that gives us signs of how the game is going. Picking up the first Rift Herald of the game without giving two or more kills to the opponent and using it properly is a consummate way to enhance the gold gap.


Being good at League of Legends is not as complicated as you think. I hope you grabbed something new that will be useful after you read this guide. Uncommitted objectives are at the center of our macro game alongside taking lane priority. You have to put into practice what you learn many times in training mode. If you do not, it remains just as a great deal of knowledge on dusty shelves.


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘How crucial to take the first Rift Herald in League of Legends?’ How do you prefer to use the Summoned Herald? Let us know!


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