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How Esports Became a Big Betting Niche 



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How Esports Became a Big Betting Niche 

The world of eSports has grown in popularity and it has now developed into a big betting niche. While most people have only recently heard of it, it is more popular than ever. It has come a long way since 1970 when it first started. 

There are no indications that it may slow down in the near future. The revenue from eSports is over 1.5 billion dollars and it can only go higher. It is a high number considering that the industry is fairly young. 

People all over the world are getting into it and it has amassed a massive following. From online events to mega events in person, here are a few reasons why esports is now a big betting niche. 


1. Video Games Are Exciting

The entertaining nature of video games has made them more popular than they have ever been. People love watching and playing video games. Today, they love betting even more. 

Gamers are constantly looking for opportunities to reach the next rank, beat the competition, or unlock new levels. There is always something to achieve and that keeps gamers and their fans on their toes. At gaming sites like, you play for more than entertainment. You can also win money by playing slots and card games.

That said, pro-gamers and their teams are always looking for a win. They are always exploring opportunities to become better. They practice for hours and their fans are always right there to offer support. Gaming fans are highly connected to their favorite gamers. 


2. It Is Just Like Other Sports

Esports is not different from other sports. Like football, Gridiron, and other traditional sports, competition is at the heart of everything. Fans can’t help but take sides. The have favorite teams and players, and it is easy to start betting for the thrill. 

Esports fans from all parts of the world enjoy watching professionals playing against each other. Just like with other sports, they like to believe that they can place a bet and win. With online streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, the competitions have become very easy to access.

Like with other sports, there are lots of controversies, drama, and crazy storylines. They keep fans excited. Top gamers can be traded or fired. They can switch teams just like other sports. 


3. It Is a Social Activity

Gaming is a social activity and it is great for bringing people together. The social aspect of gaming is often ignored but it is very important. Friends come together through video games. They are opportunities to not only play but also have fun and help each other out. 

Since the early 2000s online gaming has always been perfect for connecting and socialization. When it first came on, people would log in, play together and establish long-term friendships. The social nature of the game increases its competitiveness. Since eSports games can be based on teams, they foster comradery. Those who can get along with their teams have better chances of winning.  


4. Video Games Quality

The quality of video games is not what it used to be. It has improved over the years and fans no longer have to put up with simple 8-bit graphics. Modern developers are doing an excellent job with their video game graphics. 

Therefore, video games are a lot more interesting to watch and play than they have ever been. Modern gamers can sit in front of a computer and have fun for hours without getting headaches or sore eyes. 

Modern games are immersive because of how realistic they look. It can be difficult to tell them apart from movies or TV. The motions have improved dramatically as well. 

In the past, playing video games could be a challenge. The motions on graphics were slow and the response time was delayed. The textures were unrealistic and playing for long hours could get painful. These improvements have made the experience of gamers better. 


5. People Love Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming isn’t new and people have always loved it. It has been mainstream for several years now. Esports has started to gain momentum thanks to people’s love of gaming competitively. There are many tournament-style competitions including the FIFA eWorld Cup and the League of Legends World Championship. They have served as fuel to the already-growing fire. 

Apart from watching through streaming services and attending eSports arenas, eSports fan also placing bets. They are no longer comfortable with just being spectators. They love the thrill of watching their best digital athletes competing. ESPN recently started covering eSports competitions and stories. Gamers all around the world are now looking at professional gaming as a potential career path.


6. Diversity of Games

One of the most beautiful things about eSports is that it offers so many options. Whether you plan on betting or you are simply watching it for fun, the variety is impressive. The world of eSports is big and it is still growing. The games come in different complexities and varieties. 

If you love first-person shooter games, for example, your options include NBA 2k, FIFA, and Madden. If you are a fan of MOBA games, you will love Fortnite and League of Legends with so many options in the market, it is easy for both bettors and gamers to play, watch, or place bets. 


7. Accessibility 

The biggest contributor to the popularity of eSports is the accessibility of video games. One doesn’t need much to start enjoying or betting on eSports. It is possible to so all these from the comfort of your home. With a gaming console, a few video games, and a computer, you can break into the gaming world. It isn’t a very big investment. 

Another great thing is that you can place bets or play video games whenever you please. Most traditional games require lots of space to play and expensive equipment. Getting into them can be a huge and time-intensive investment. The simplicity of the gaming world makes it attractive. Gaming can be a great start to the world of sports. 


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘How Esports Became a Big Betting Niche.’ What is your favourite game to play or watch? Have you ever bet on eSports? Let us know!


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