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Most Assists in Premier League



Ryan Giggs

Most Assists in Premier League

The Premier League has been graced by some of the best midfielders/strikers to ever play the game, those who possessed the ability to create chances and set up goals, remained a key weapon in every clubs arsenal. However, there have been a handful of players in the league who have surpassed all expectations and in-turn become a strikers best friend. We take a look at these players who have dominated the game in terms of registering assists, those who continued to push boundaries as players and as a result will forever be remembered as legends of the game.


5. Dennis Bergkamp – 94 assists

Dennis Bergkamp made over 315 appearances for Arsenal and during his time at the club, he notched 94 assists. The Dutch forward is regarded as one of the best talents of his generation as he would display his unique style of play when he was pressed into service. Bergkamp’s versatility when moving forward coupled with the unique style he possessed, made him a lethal forward who knew how to convert chances as well as set up goals for the other team members effectively.

Bergkamp’s bewildering skills and style of play posed a major threat to the opposition’s defense and the way he pushed forward created problems for the opposition defense. Throughout his career Bergkamp played for teams such as Ajax, Inter Milan, and Arsenal, however his spell at Arsenal put him in the spotlight, reaching his optimum potential when he was with the Gunners.

The 52-year-old is part of the infamous Premier League ‘Hall of Fame’ as he managed to rack up 87 goals and 94 assists during his time at the club. The Dutch maestro managed to get his hands on the Premier League trophy 3 times which came during the 1997/1998, 2001/2002 and 2003/2004 campaigns. Dennis caught the attention of the footballing world as he showed time again just how unique a forward he was, displaying mind-boggling technical skills which remain highly difficult to replicate, even by today’s standards. No doubt everyone will agree Bergkamp had an illustrious career filled with moments which are forever going to be cherished.


4. Frank Lampard – 102 assists

Frank Lampard is a player who needs no introduction. The 43-year-old is regarded as the best midfielder of his generation as he holds countless Premier League records, such as most goals by a midfielder in the Premier League and the record of scoring the most goals from outside the box(41). Lampard was a multi-talented midfielder who knew how to trouble the opposition defense with the offering of unique through ball and long passesm, coupled with creating space and taking a shot on goal, often from range.

His ability going forward helped Chelsea as they would utilize his expertise on the pitch effectively, therefore it helped the team score as many goals as possible in the matches he played in. The English midfielder made over 429 appearances for the Blues and found the back of the net 147 times, also racking up a monumental 102 assists during his stint at the club.

His talent and hard work helped him to be recognized as one of the best Chelsea players ever seen, leading the charge to win the Champions League in 2012 along with the Premier League on numerous occasions. He currently boasts the fourth most number of assists within the Premier League, however irrespective of whether his records get broken or not he will forever be considered and regarded as one of the best midfielders to ever grace this beautiful game.


3. Wayne Rooney – 103 assists

Wayne Rooney was an English forward who made appearances for Manchester United and Everton during his playing career. The 35-year-old is considered to be one of the finest forwards to play in England’s top flight, possessing the record for the most goals for Manchester United and also holding the record for the most goals  for the England national team.

Rooney’s versatility and strength helped him become one of the most dangerous players going forward. The English forward possessed the knack of scoring world class goals consistently, whilst also setting up goal-scoring chances for his teammates game to game. He started off his career at Everton however a move to Manchester United seemed to be a turning point in his career as he turned into a more mature, well rounded forward, through the guidance shown by Sir Alex Ferguson who helped him to reach his ultimate potential.

During his time in the Premier League, he scored 208 goals for his clubs and managed to bag 103 assists. During his career, Rooney won various personal and team-based accolades which included winning the PFA player of the year (2009) and winning the Champions League (2008.) His career has been a joyride full of ups and downs however the character and the charisma he has shown on the pitch has won the hearts of football fans around the world and because of that, he will be remembered by the football fraternity for a long time.


2. Cesc Fabregas – 111 assists

Cesc Fabregas is a Spanish Midfielder who currently plays for AS Monaco. The Spanish International is regarded as one of the most elegant playmakers to have played the game. A player who can open up the opposition’s defense with ease with pinpoint passing precision, Fabregas’s unique passing range and playmaking abilities became revered within world football. Upon his introduction into the Premier League with Arsenal, the Spaniard possessed a maturity that belied his age, when intertwined with his vision and creativity, he would know how to create goal-scoring chances irrespective of how the oppositions lined up and what their formation was.

The 34-year-old made over 350 appearances in the Premier League, managing to score 50 goals and bag over 111 assists in England’s top flight. Apart from having 111 assists, the Spanish midfielder has the record for being the ‘fastest to reach 100 assists in the Premier League‘ and he managed to achieve this feat in 293 games. To give perspective on this incredible feat, he achieved this record 74 games sooner than Manchester United Legend Ryan Giggs who remains second fastest on the list, doing so in 367 games. Therefore, we can hail Fabregas to be ‘one of the best playmakers of all time’ as he currently holds records which remain unlikely to be broken anytime soon.

Fabregas’s beautiful career will always be celebrated by Arsenal and Chelsea fans. The style of play he kept adapting to during his career has made football fans fall in love with him and going forward he will always be remembered as one of the finest playmakers to play in the Premier League.


1. Ryan Giggs – 162 assists

Ryan Giggs is a player who needs no formal introduction, the 47-year-old played for Manchester United his entire career and has represented his national team Wales on the higher stages. Giggs was hailed as the ‘Welsh Wizard,’ demonstrating fine pieces of play and unique skills while running down the flanks, the technical skills he possessed posed a huge threat to the opposition as he would be able to create a lot of problems for them, either by running down the wing and giving dangerous crosses or by creating space and taking a shot on target.

Giggs’ consistency and attitude helped him play football at the highest level for approximately 24 years and during his career, the Welshman scored 114 goals for United and notched an outstanding 162 assists for the Premier League giants. The professionalism and personality he showed on the pitch helped him become one of the most decorated players in the Premier League, in terms of winning accolades both on a team and individual level. He has won the Premier League 13 times and has won the Champions League twice whereas on a personal level he has won the PFA young player of the year twice and the PFA player of the year as well.

The Spirit and the character he possessed made all the difference, as football fans would remember him as a player who had the right mindset towards the game to accomplish all of the accolades at the highest level. All of the effort and hard work he put into the game reaped amazing rewards, some of these highlights included being the player with the most assists in the Premier League and winning the BBC sports personality of the year 2009.

The top 5 players who have the most assists in the Premier League have established themselves the finest playmakers in world football. The stats they have under their belt showed how well they could read the game and no matter what situation they found themselves in, they would know how to pull the strings and create goal-scoring chances for their teammates. Thus we can say that the style of play and personality they showed on the pitch will definitely inspire the next generation of playmakers to follow in their footsteps, however hard that may be.


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