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NBA: Results from the Play-in tournament




Lebron comes in clutch


NBA: Results from the Play-in tournament

The Lakers vs Warriors played in the play-in tournament for the 7th seed. The Warriors, led by Curry and company, had a heavy match-up against the big man line-up of the Lakers. In the final minute of the game, Lebron James delivered the dagger and securing the 103-100 win for Los Angeles.

With a minute left and the score tied at 100, Lebron James came in clutch. He caught the ball near the staples center logo and shot a deep three-pointer to seal the game. After Lebron’s wild shot, the Warriors could not capitalize and turned the ball over in their finals possession. As a result, the Lakers are heading to the playoffs.

This win means that the Lakers will face off with the Phoenix Suns led by Devin Booker and Chris Paul in the first round of the playoff bracket.

Golden State had the game under control for majority of play. They led the first two quarters and had a 13 point lead at halftime. Despite Curry’s 37 points and roughly 50% percent shooting the efforts were not enough to clinch the wanted playoff spot.

Because of the Play-in tournament rules the Lakers advance to the playoffs and the Warriors have to face the Grizzlies on Friday. The game is an all-or-nothing face-off. The winner will take the last spot for the playoffs and the loser goes home to enjoy the long offseason break.


Grizzlies hold off the Spurs

On Wednesday night the Memphis Grizzlies managed to hold off the San Antonio Spurs. In the Western Conference’s first play-in tournament game the Spurs had the chance to maintain the 22-season playoff streak, but it was snapped by the Grizzlies to a 100-96 victory

The leading trio for Memphis was Jonas Valanciunas, Ja Morant, and Dillon Brooks. Overall, they combined for a total of 67 points and an impressive 37 rebounds. The performance of the trio landed them a spot in the Friday night showdown against the Warriors. This final play-in game will determine the last spot for the Western Conference playoff bracket.

Even though Memphis does not have much of a playoff experience, their young team is a wild card and can upset Curry and the Warriors. Valanciunas is a great rim protector and a threat around the paint. While Dillon Brook is an overlooked two-way player with great perimeter defense and scoring efficiency.

The Winner on Friday’s game will face the number one seed in the West – the Utah Jazz.


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