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14-Year-Old Fifa player unbeaten on FUT Champions in Fifa 21



14-Year-Old Fifa player unbeaten on FUT Champions in Fifa 21

14-Year-Old Anders Vejrgang, a FIFA player from Denmark, currently holds an unbeaten record of 210 wins and zero losses on FUT Champions Weekend League in Fifa 21. Currently playing for RB Leipzig as a professional FIFA player, Verjgang is certainly already making a strong name for himself in the professional FIFA community at such a young age.

The Weekend League requires players to play 30 games of FIFA every weekend and how many wins you get depends on what rank you finish in the league. Since FIFA 21’s release there have been seven FUT champions weekends, all of which Verjgang has reached the perfect score of 30-0. The only other FIFA player to have the same unbeaten record is a fellow PlayStation player Julian Van Den Berg, who competes for Feyenoord’s esports team.

Achieving this record is extremely difficult even for one weekend league, let alone seven in a row, an achievement that Verjgang should be immensly proud of. At just 14 years of age it is unquestionable that Anders Verjgang could become a huge name in the world of esports in years to come. After being able to achieve such heights at his age could the 14-Year-Old FIFA player be considered one of the best FIFA players in the world at the moment?

As Anders is only 14 he is currently unable to compete in Professional FIFA events, but it seems as soon as he turns 16 he may just be someone to look out for. Verjgang first started to turn heads on FIFA 19 when he was just 12 years old and was beating some of the best players in Denmark.

He is also regularly streaming his matches at the weekends of twitch where in recent weeks he has been gaining around 50,000 viewers tuning in to see if his perfect record can continue.

Verjgang has expressed on his social media that he is aiming for a record of 240-0, but could he go further? The question on everyone’s mind is how long can this incredible streak go on for?


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