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How to Watch Live Premier League Matches



How to Watch Live Premier League Matches

The world of Premier League football — a place where every game is packed with excitement! Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a casual viewer, or a newcomer to the sport, the ways to watch Premier League matches have changed dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days of simply turning on the TV to be greeted with your favourite team playing!

In this guide, we’ll outline all the different ways you can get in on the Premier League action, including the different options for streaming services and subscriptions.


Sky Sports

Sky Sports holds broadcasting rights to the majority of Premier League matches, and there are a number of different packages you purchase to gain viewing access. Prices start from around £20 per month for the Sky Sports Football package — this choice is perfect if you’re interested in watching football but not other sports such as rugby or cricket. Alternatively, if you’re only looking to watch the occasional match, you can buy a day pass through NOW TV and gain unlimited access for 24 hours. 

With a Sky Sports, or NOW TV, membership, matches can be watched on your TV, phone, tablet, laptop/computer, or using an Apple TV device. 


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime also holds the broadcasting rights to a selection of Premier League matches. As a Prime or Prime Video member, you can watch up to 20 Premier League games each season for no additional costs. Non-Prime members have the option to start a 30-day free trial, or start a Prime Video subscription for £5.99 per month.

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can live stream Premier League matches on Amazon devices (e.g. Fire TV and Fire Tablet), web browser, or the Prime Video app.


TNT Sports (formerly BT Sports)

TNT sports, formerly known as BT Sports, has the broadcasting rights to show just over 50 Premier League matches per season. Subscriptions start from around £15 per month at the time of writing and you’ll also benefit from TNT Sports’ exclude access to UEFA European competitions, including the Champions League and the Europa League.


Communal Viewing Parties

Communal viewing parties are a great way to watch thrilling Premier League matches. They’re all about sharing the thrill of watching live football matches with friends and family in a lively setting. Whether it’s at someone’s house, a local pub, a busy club, or a large-scale big screen event, this option is great if you’re really looking to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. 


Attend a Premier League Match

Saving the best until last — how about attending a live Premier League match?

Attending a Premier League match is more than just watching; it’s about being part of the real-time experience and creating memories that last a lifetime. Getting Premier League tickets brings the excitement right to you, and being at a live match really is something special. 

To get your hands on Premier League football tickets, just keep an eye on the match schedule, choose a game that works for you, and follow the steps to get your tickets. If you ever have the chance, it’s worth being part of the live action and making some great memories.


Let’s Wrap Things Up

We hope this guide has offered some helpful insight into your options for watching live Premier League football matches. Wherever you are and however you’re watching, grab your scarf, don your team colours, and get ready to join in with the Premier League action!


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘How to Watch Live Premier League Matches’ What is your favourite way to watch the Premier League? Let us know!


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