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Why Do Professional Athletes Keep Blogs?



Why Do Professional Athletes Keep Blogs?

They earn their living from sports, which should be enough, but they also blog for some reason. Is it for extra income or just for fun? Well, everyone has different reasons, and we’re ready to look at the main ones. Let’s uncover behind-the-scenes of athletic life to learn more about the favorites. 


Building a Fan Base

Athletes will only make money if people go to their games or buy the products they promote. Here are a few reasons why blogging is fundamental: 

  1. Interaction and connection. No one wants an empty picture; we want to see a person. Fans are also interested in events off the field. That’s how they learn the nuances, news, and everyday life, craving to feel involved. 
  2. Community. With whom to discuss everything you see? With the same fans who share their impressions in comments and forums. Athletes join in less often, but it adds to loyalty when they do. Emotional connection is the key. 
  3. Personal brand. A blog reflects lifestyle, values, and personality. It’s no secret that every famous person creates a particular brand that is important for marketing purposes. 
  4. Staying in touch. Tournaments and seasons tend to end, but there is no reason to cut off communication. Instagram, TikTok, and text blogs, where athletes can talk about their vacation or just their thoughts, can help with this. It’s no less attractive – everyone needs to recharge occasionally. 

But are your favorites always the ones behind the screen? Well, you can check this fact by exploring fully if papers are plagiarized in this edubirdie review, or take their word for it. Often, these are PR managers who manage social media and write posts. Nevertheless, the positive effect of a fan blog is not lessened by this – you still find like-minded people and discover a little more about the players. 


Cooperation and Marketing

Increasing the audience through a blog opens up new opportunities for cooperation and partnerships. Sponsors and brands pay attention to athletes with a large and active fan base. Then, the circle closes in on itself, creating an effective marketing tool. Content on social media and other channels attracts new fans and expands influence. 


Charity and Social Impact

Not everything is about money; it’d be a crime not to mention this aspect as well. A blog is an excellent place to give advice and educate your fans about fitness, training, nutrition, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, this is done through collaborations with brands. Fans are used to looking up to their idols, so in a way, it creates a better and healthier society. We can say the same about charity because athletes’ foundations are not new. They draw attention to charitable initiatives and raise funds for various social projects.


Why Should You Join?

We figured out the benefits for the athletes themselves and a little bit for the fans – it quenches curiosity about the lives of our idols. But that’s not all you can benefit from their blogs. Here are a few more: 

  • Exclusive content. It includes story features, event announcements, or just funny videos available only to a closed audience.
  • Discounts and special offers. Bloggers agree with companies to provide special offers, discounts, or the opportunity to get exclusive access to a product or service.
  • Reports on activities and events. Athletes are open to sharing their impressions of participating in various events, concerts, sports competitions, etc. It allows fans to feel closer to their favorites and gain insights.
  • Ability to influence content. Some ask followers what topics or content they want to see. So, fans partially decide on future publications.
  • Participation in the community. As mentioned above, this is a place for expressing your opinions, finding common interests, and communicating simply.
  • Contests and giveaways. The most active participate in contests or raffles, competing for a prize. Athletes can give valuable things, such as a ticket to a match or even a personal meeting, if they are generous.

If you also plan to study in this area, then this is a whole field for learning. We’re hinting at future PR specialists, writers, bloggers, photographers, etc. There are many opportunities; the main thing is to see them. 


Final Thoughts

Sports blogging is not a trend but a necessity in the modern world, where a lot depends on society’s perception of you. That’s why even young athletes are developing their pages, often sacrificing their studies and relying on reviews to save time. And indeed, it works since athletes get the desired audience and fans get feedback. Everything to make the sport even more interesting, right? 

It also brings the above mentioned benefits – charity, motivation to improve, and promoting healthy lifestyles. The choice is yours, but it’s worth it if you want to know more. 


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Jacob graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Reading. An avid footballer, he spent time under the FAW academy programme as well as Cardiff Corinthians. Later going on to play for his university and Wellington United whilst residing in New Zealand. He currently resides in Frome, Somerset. You can contact him at [email protected]


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