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Plus-Size Athletes Breaking Down Stereotypes in Sport and Private Life



Mirna Valerio - Plus sized athlete

Plus-Size Athletes Breaking Down Stereotypes in Sport and Private Life

Breaking down stereotypes seems to be the full-time job of successful plus-sized athletes and we love the work they’re doing! It’s difficult to find success in the sports world, especially if you’re not conventionally small or slim; however, this doesn’t take away from their strength or power. The lust for bigger men and women in the online dating realm is at an all-time high and these athletes are adding fuel to the fire. 


Why are BBW women so attracted and popular on the dating scene?

Thick women have a certain level of sexiness that can’t be matched with other girls. Along with the desire for thick women we’re seeing, this means that BBW’s are highly sought after in the online dating world. What once was seen as a kink, now a legitimate dating niche, and hundreds of people are joining so that they can meet fellow plus-sized singles. This site doesn’t even have a body filter, as it attracts only big and beautiful singles and those who can appreciate their fantastic looks. Identify users’ needs this site opens a lot of opportunities for singles. There are more curvy women join online dating scene this year than ever before and if a person thinks about going after one of them, now is the best time. 


Where to meet your curvy girl? 

Want a curvy girl? Then online dating is the pace to meet one! Online dating gives you the freedom to find your perfect girl and the convenience of it will make the process easier. Thanks to the ease of online dating, you’ll find that many plus-size athletes use dating sites to meet singles, you won’t find them in a Champion’s League, of course, but weightlifters are as plus size as a person can be, for example. You can chat whenever you want with instant messaging and the searching process is something easily done on the go. That’s why you’ll find bigger athletes on there! So, you can have your curvy girl and your successful woman all in one.


History of successful athletes: Amanda Bingson is an amazing example

Amanda Bingson has done a lot to represent plus-size athletes when she competed in track and field, along with specializing in the hammer throw. She broke records representing America and achieved 1st and second place in key events. Not only did she excel as an athlete, but she did this while staying true to herself and representing the plus-sized body community in these events and broke Olympic records while doing so!

Sarah Robles was dubbed the strongest person in America.

Having qualified for the 2012 Olympics in London and earned a bronze medal in weightlifting during the 2016 Olympics held in Rio De Janeiro. Her work improved the image of plus-sized models and showed people worldwide that any body can be a healthy body!

And Eddie Hall is the strongest man in England!

Another person that has worked hard to improve the image of plus-sized bodies in the public eye is a man called Eddie Hall. Given the title of the strongest man in England, he has had to overcome body issues all his life and did this by working hard to build and prove his strength.


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘Plus-Size Athletes Breaking Down Stereotypes in Sport and Private Life.’ Who is your favourite plus sized athlete? Let us know!


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