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Best MMA Gloves For Heavy Bag



MMA Gloves

Best MMA Gloves For Heavy Bag

Every person encounters the same problem when choosing good MMA gloves. Read on and you are guaranteed of picking the right heavy bag gloves for you.

The challenge has been compounded with the varieties of MMA gloves available in the market. Some people go to the extreme of using different pairs of gloves for different purposes such as training or sparring. Also, most trainers are aware that one set of gloves is not enough, and this is very true depending on the skill level that you are in.

Gloves are the single most important protection that you must have when practicing MMA. While many people believe that MMA gloves function is to specifically protect your partner just like the boxing gloves do, this may not be entirely true. The MMA gloves are mostly for your own protection especially, the hand and wrist, because they are very light in weight, about four ounces. It is advisable to have hand wraps beneath your mixed martial arts gloves for extra protection.

Additionally, mixed martial arts gloves are sometimes very expensive, depending on the quality. It is therefore important to buy a pair of good quality gloves that would be very durable and last longer than going for a cheaper pair that would not last at all. As in MMA, there are different types of good gloves at your disposal. This article will give you an in-depth of the greatest MMA gloves that are readily available in the market today.


Comparison between the Mixed Martial Arts Gloves and Boxing Gloves

Getting to understand the difference between different types of gloves is crucial for every fighter. This is because many people like to avoid costs when it comes to purchasing professional gloves and opt for poor quality gloves. Unfortunately, the mixed martial arts gloves are among the few things that can not just be replicated with other pairs of gloves in the market, including boxing gloves.

The main reason why mixed martial arts gloves remain to be irreplaceable is that when using boxing gloves in training, you would not be able to perform some techniques, such as grappling. Grappling is key especially when training and in clinching your opponent during fights.


Weight and Size.

Another important difference between the two gloves is weight and sizes. Boxing gloves are naturally heavier and range from 80z to 16oz, while the MMA gloves are much lighter, ranging from 40z to 60z. The huge difference is crucial not only in protecting your hands and wrists but also when training or sparring partners.

While MMA is extremely a dangerous sport, it is however more common to incur concussions in boxing due to the heavy blows one receives hence the need for heavier padded gloves. When choosing the correct MMA glove size, it is imperative to measure your palm circumference so as to get the exact and comfortable gloves type.


The Best MMA Gloves for Heavy Bag Work

When engaging in a heavy bag, it is important that you protect your hand adequately. This is applicable in both boxing and MMA sports. However, a boxer would have a wide variety of bag gloves to choose from than an MMA fighter.

The MMA gloves usually come in different types depending on the function they serve. Bag gloves traditionally weigh more than the match gloves since they are made of more padding to offer protection on your hands. Other types such as the sparring gloves are usually also heavy, so as not to injure your sparring partner.


Factors to consider before buying MMA gloves

Glove Type

There are many types of MMA gloves available in the market today. However, the main types are the three outlined below, so that you can choose the best style which is most convenient for your training.

Competition Gloves – The MMA competition gloves are designed with few padding and are usually light in weight depending on the rules of the particular competition. In these gloves, fingers are usually separated to allow for easy movement and to grapple and hold your opponent.

Training, Grappling, Hybrid Gloves – They are usually designed with segmented fingers with padding covering up to the second knuckle. This design allows for maximum movement in grappling and also offers protection when punching.

Sparring Gloves – These gloves are designed with striking and punching focus in mind. When doing heavy bag routines, a lot of focus is on punching techniques. These gloves, therefore, weigh around 60z to 70z on average and are fitted with more padding around its top and in the front to cushion you from unnecessary injuries. They also have a grip bar that assists in the formation of a tight fist when punching, hence making them unsuitable for grappling training.


The quality of materials used

Leather vs Synthetic leather – The top material when choosing MMA gloves is leather. It is expensive compared to other synthetic materials but is a lot more durable and natural. The synthetic leather can be an alternative although many MMA fighters know the difference between pure leather and synthetic leather.

Foam Padding – This is the most commonly used glove type in MMA. A lot of brands have a layered foam within their makes, others opt for just a regular foam. What matters is the quality, cheaper gloves are less durable and thus wear-out very fast.

Wrist Strap – It’s advisable to consider a solid velcro wrist strap when selecting MMA gloves. This strap basically holds the whole glove together and helps to keep your hands and wrist secure from injuries.

The State of Origin – It is important to confirm where the gloves were manufactured because good quality MMA gloves mostly originate from Thailand, where the MMA sport has a huge presence.


Sparring with MMA Gloves

Sparring with mixed martial art gloves is considered very risky since they are light and could therefore easily damage you through the punches. If you intend to spar with MMA gloves, the best option would be the heavier gloves weighing 7 ounces and more. While sparring is more useful for development and progressing from stand up to the ground game, it must be trained with caution, and with the right gears.

MMA Gloves For Heavy Bags

Rival RMX B1 MMA Bag Gloves – These are very similar to boxing gloves. They are without a doubt, among the very best bag gloves that RMX makes. It comes with a full 1-inch high-density foam padding that offers maximum protection to your knuckles when training. Another key advantage of these gloves is the additional padding they place on the thumb area to cushion your hands. This is particularly handy when scuffing a punching bag, you do not scrape your thumb. Its prices are also fairly cheap.

The Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Gloves – These grappling gloves are good for mixed martial arts training or when you intend to transit from grappling and striking without the need to change the gloves. They are almost similar to the traditional MMA gloves but these types have engineered leather, have hands shaped foam, and are packed with other technology modifications to provide comfort and durability. They have a premium lining that prevents excess sweat from soaking the gloves hence extending the life span of the gloves. They are so far the greatest model that Sanabul has designed so far.

Title MMA Performance Bag Gloves – The title is a great brand that makes very good boxing gloves. It is made from 100% leather which improves its life span and features extended padding on the knuckle area to cushion your wrist, it also has an additional non-slip lining to offer maximum handgrip on the gloves.

Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves – They are ideal in grappling, sparring, and striking. They are commonly used by fighters and athletes of different levels. Its design helps in reducing hand fatigue and the Dual X is pivotal when it comes to stabilization of the hands and wrists. Additionally, it has an XT2 antimicrobial lining which inhibits bacteria from growing and eliminates odor. Also the Hayabusa Y Volar design delivers great stability and control. However, the T3 is the most recommended MMA glove because it is superb for both amateurs and professionals.

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves – This type will offer exquisite quality at a pocket-friendly price. It is made in Thailand and designed from semi leather. They are good for both training sessions and in the fighting arena. It has a double closure system that provides easy access and a good grip while offering great comfort and support. Its wide leather velcro closure keeps the risk of injury at bay. It also has a high-density foam which gives extra protection. Every finger opening is reinforced, hence absorbing shock for every strike.

RDX MMA Gloves – These gloves were made to withstand a great magnitude of shock impact. It has a triple layer of gel tech padding and is integrated with shock-absorbent foam around the knuckle area and a pad block over the wrist joint area. These gloves come handy in training, sparring or even fighting. It has a triangular Nabla Palm design which provides ultimate grip and some ventilation. The velcro closure provides a quick and easy snug fit which is key in wrist protection and also provides better punching form.

Everlast MMA Wrist Wrap Heavy Striking Gloves – These pieces offer premium leather along with an excellent construction which makes them durable and has lasting functionality. It uses an EverDri technology which keeps your hands cool and dry even after a prolonged training session. They are suitable in grappling but they do not provide the best palm support. They also come with a full wrist wrap strap that provides superior support to your wrist. They however only produce two sizes, the small/medium and large/XL size to choose from.

Combat Sports MMA Gloves – These gloves easily pass all the state regulations regarding professional competition requirements. They are not too heavy as they only weigh 5 ounces and have a 3/4-inch padding as a measure of improving the safety of the opponent and your hands too. They are designed as an open palm which is advantageous in grappling and allowing full gripping advantages.

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis MMA Gloves – These masterpieces are designed with user-friendly technology and improved 30% pre-curve model while still retaining its traditional trademark closure system. They provide high protection and enhanced power generation. Its inner lining is furbished with antimicrobial technology for maximum comfort. They make use of antimicrobial technology to deliver anti-odor comfort. Together with an open palm design, they promise to keep your hands cool, safe, and comfortable.

Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves – These gloves are a new entrant in the market and are super comfortable, made with high-quality design. It is curved in shape and easily fits in your hands giving you the advantage for a powerful punch. Its new closed system fits all sizes and also allows closure with a single hand. It has a great design and a touch of style that is rare to find in other types of gloves. Its layered foam is superior, and it allows for a tight fit with comfort when grappling. They are particularly recommended for advanced mixed martial arts fighters.

Sanabul Essential MMA Gloves – These gloves are good at training especially when moving between grappling and striking. It has a high-quality material that is long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain compared to other gloves. Its dura soft technology guarantees maximum cover against injuries during training and when fighting. It is quite easy to put them on because of the velcro closure system innovation. They are undoubtedly among the greatest models for MMA beginners in the market.


Getting the right MMA gloves can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. With the help of this article, we hope that you find this guide helpful in your quest for MMA heavy bag gloves. In selecting MMA gloves, it is important that you find a pair that is easy, comfortable, and efficient to avoid injuring yourself or your opponents. Safety is key in MMA sports. All the pairs that have been discussed above guarantee maximum comfort and safety.

However, when in doubt, it is advisable to buy a high-quality MMA glove that would be durable and last longer. This would ensure you avoid frequent replacement of gloves due to premature wear and tear and a good glove is a good investment to your sporting carrier and training.

Also, you may consult from friends or gym partners of the best quality set of gloves to use. You can compare the different types available, in terms of size, quality, brands, and the safety measures that the different brands have to safeguard not only your safety but also that of your opponent.


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