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Who is Dillon Danis and how has he ended up fighting in the biggest exhibition bout of modern times?



Who is Dillon Danis and how has he ended up fighting in the biggest exhibition bout of modern times?

Before Dillon Danis agreed to take on Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match, only the most diehard fight fans would have known his background in combat sports. Since signing the six-round contract with Paul, Danis has quickly risen to fame and now boasts over three million followers on Instagram.


A price worth paying

This may be one of the reasons why Danis accepted a fight with Paul despite coming into the bout as a distinct outsider. The latest Logan Paul v Dillon Danis betting odds illustrate just how much the 30-year-old is expected to struggle having been given a price of 9/2 to win. However, the increase in exposure may make what looks like a certain defeat worthwhile in the long run.

So, as the biggest exhibition fight of modern times draws nearer, the question is, who exactly is Dillon Danis, and can fight fans expect to see him again once this bout concludes?


Danis’ journey to the Paul fight

Danis is a mixed martial arts fighter who specialises in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In his fight career to date, Danis has fought twice in the Bellator MMA cage and won both times. During these two victories, Danis won by way of submission owing to his prolific ability on the mat when it comes to grappling and ground fighting.

Looking back, Danis’ debut wins were so convincing that it seemed like the next UFC star was about to be born. During this emergence, Danis promised the world that he would spend his career showing everyone that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu could defeat MMA strikers.

It was a compelling underdog narrative that captured the attention of fight fans but due to a severe knee injury, Danis wasn’t able to follow through on those predictions and hasn’t fought since 2019. The 30-year-old’s bout with Paul will be his first in four years.

This is part of the reason why Danis’ has such a long winning price coming into his match with Paul as his professional inactivity is bound to count against him. Crucially, it isn’t the sole reason though.

Above all, Danis’ wrestling skills aren’t transferable to the boxing ring and anyone who watches his debut matches in the Bellator MMA cage will notice that before he was able to take his opponent down onto the mat, he was susceptible to being punched.

The bottom line is that boxing is not how Danis made a name for himself and ultimately why Paul, who spends most of his time in the safety of the rehearsed WWE ring, is being tipped to beat him.


What does the future hold after Danis’ fight with Paul?

Irrespective of how his fight with Paul goes, Danis intends to join the UFC shortly after it’s all over. Given how much publicity Danis has been able to generate as a result of his online sparring with Paul in the build-up, it seems likely that the UFC bosses will open the door to the Octagon for him.

While an exciting future potentially awaits Danis, the only disappointment is that when the time comes for him to pursue his true calling, he may well have tasted his first defeat after agreeing to fight Paul in the boxing ring.


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