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How to Start Playing Golf as a Beginner



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How to Start Playing Golf as a Beginner

If you have never played golf before, it might seem like a complicated sport to you. But as long as you are committed to learning the rules and practicing until you get it right, you, too, can learn how to start playing golf.

But where should you start, exactly? Follow this simple guide to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Before you know it, you will be playing golf as a beginner!


Start by getting affordable equipment

Buying the most expensive equipment you can find is unnecessary when starting. Instead, get affordable equipment, or buy it used from someone else.

You will need a golf bag and at least a few golf clubs. Consider starting with four irons, a pitching wedge, a putter, and a driver. As you gain more experience, you can get more clubs and choose more expensive ones.

You will also need golf tees, a marker pen, and at least one dozen balls. Start with cheap ones because you might lose them.


Learn the difference between golf clubs

What is the difference between golf drivers and irons? If you don’t know, you must learn the difference between those golf clubs you placed in your bag.

A driver is a club you use when first hitting the ball. Irons are for hitting your ball when the hole is less than 200 yards away, but when your ball is on the green, you need to use a putter.

Wedges have different purposes but are generally used when you want your ball to go up and down sharply.


Learn how to play

Getting your new golf equipment can be fun, but you must learn how to play before trying it on a golf course.

You can read books or online articles to learn the rules and watch videos to see how professional golfers perform. But taking some lessons is a good idea if you are serious about learning how to start playing golf.

If you don’t want to take lessons with a golf instructor, you can ask a golf friend to teach you what you need to know to get started.

Learning the rules of golf is important, but it’s good to start with the basics. After all, you won’t go far if you cannot hit a ball!

Start by aligning your body properly. With your feet shoulder-width apart, face the ball, and keep your body parallel with your target. Slightly bend your knees and bend forward at the waist.
If you are right-handed, position your left hand on top of your right hand on your golf driver. If you are left-handed, do the opposite. Keep your arms straight and relaxed.
Move your club backward, and raise it. Practice your backswing a few times before trying to hit the ball.
Swing the club through the ball to hit it. Remember to look at where your ball will go before you swing and hit.


Be aware of the dress code

You must be aware of the dress code before visiting a golf course. You want to wear comfortable clothes but must also follow certain rules.

Men are usually required to wear collared shirts such as polo shirts. As for your pants, they need to be lightweight and comfortable and not restrict your movements. You may wear shorts depending on the golf club where you want to play.

Comfortable golf shoes will make walking easier for hours, and a golf glove will help you better grip your clubs.


Play with friends who can guide you

As a beginner, it can be intimidating to head to a golf course for the first time. To make things easier, play with friends or relatives who have more experience than you do.

Your friends will be able to give you some valuable advice, and they will answer your questions about the course and its boundaries. They will also show you how to properly keep score, encourage and help you develop your skills.


Practice often and stay in shape

You might not do that well on your very first round of golf. But you will get better and become more confident as you keep practicing. It’s also important to stay in shape.

Playing golf can be demanding on your body, so you should exercise to help your back and legs get stronger.

And while you are on the golf course, walk and carry your clubs instead of sitting on a golf cart. It will help you build your muscles and increase your endurance.


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘How to Start Playing Golf as a Beginner.’ Are you a fan of playing golf? Let us know!


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