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What To Expect From The Future Of Football



What To Expect From The Future Of Football

What To Expect From The Future Of Football

There are some things about football that will never change: it will always be the game loved in this country, it will always carry the hopes and dreams of our nation and it will always have bettors keeping an eye on all FA’s football tips as they look to make the choices that will have them leaping for joy. 

However, there is change ahead. Football has evolved beyond recognition in the past fifty years, and with new technology, new money and new expectations many are unsure what to expect from the future of football. In order to think about the future, we need to look to the past and think about the changes that have taken place in football. 

The most significant change to the lives of bettors is the advent of in-play markets that allow for instant bets and outcomes. Using a mobile phone to bet on the match that is unfolding in front of you is one of the changes that has revolutionised the way we bet. Live markets have made the game even more fun to follow and even more to bet on. 

It is not just off the pitch that technology has had an impact on the game. VAR was a long time coming, and whilst it has been met with a mixed reaction by fans, pundits and bettors alike, it has added something to the game that it will now be difficult to take away. It is difficult to see how VAR will not continue to be present in the Premier League and in our lives for the foreseeable future. 

With an increase in global interest in the league has come an interest in the money that investing in a football club can offer to the super rich. From wealthy chicken farmers to oil barrens, the owners of our favourite clubs are dotted across the globe. The game is now as much about money as it is about passion – for some. 

The days of manager loyalty are now long gone. When it comes to the man in the dugout, he is almost always on borrowed time – a final loss, a lack of silverware or a bad feeling in the dressing room and he will be shown the door before the season is out. The quicker clubs sack their managers, the pressure falls on the shoulders of the incoming manager and the more difficult life becomes for the guy charged with filling the cabinet. In fact, betting on the next manager for a team is now a much more common bet than it has even been. 

Football started life as a game that allowed the hardy to pit themselves against each other. Being born in England means that it is played on frozen pitches, in driving rain and when a man hit the deck he bounced back up and ‘got on with it’. These days the pitch is more like a battlefield crossed with a pantomime and players roll around the floor screaming at the top of their lungs when their opponent breaths near them. 

Much has changed over the years, and football will continue to evolve. The hand ball rule will change, again, and clubs will cycle through managers at an alarming rate, but what will remain is the betting opportunities and the passion of the fans who make the game what it has always been: beautiful. 


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Jacob graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Reading. An avid footballer, he spent time under the FAW academy programme as well as Cardiff Corinthians. Later going on to play for his university and Wellington United whilst residing in New Zealand. He currently resides in Frome, Somerset. You can contact him at [email protected]


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