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NFL Week 9 Takeaways: Highlights From the Recent Games



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NFL Week 9 Takeaways: Highlights From the Recent Games

We’re already halfway in the NFL, and the heat builds up as each team tries to shift the power standings in their favor. More specifically, the Kansas City Chiefs turned the tide against the Miami Dolphins; C.J. Stroud showed what it takes as a potential Rookie of the Year with 470 yards, and the Baltimore Ravens proved themselves as an elite team, throttling through the NFC division.

These occurred just from Sunday’s games, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Since Week 9 of the NFL is filled with action, we’ve got you covered with the highlights found below.


Miami Dolphins Is Yet to Beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Although the Chiefs ranked 12th place in the scoring during the first eight weeks, they turned the tables last Sunday when they reigned against the best offense in scoring, the Miami Dolphins. During the game, Bryan Cook’s 59-yard recovery made an impact, and the Chiefs left the Frankfurt Stadium with a win of 21 to 14.

While the Dolphins had initial momentum, their efforts weren’t enough to beat their contenders. After this game, the Dolphins now have losses to the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, and the Chiefs – three of the NFL teams that will be making appearances during the postseason.

Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill from the Dolphins said he enjoyed himself during the game. However, the finale was a less-than-ideal match for the Dolphins. Thus, the team will have to prove themselves in the upcoming matches.


C.J. Stroud Breaks for Single-Game Rookie Passing Yards

When it comes to rookie quarterbacks, the name that stands out the most would be Coleridge Bernard “C.J.” Stroud IV. During last Sunday’s spectacle, he led the Texans to a comeback win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The quarterback set the record on the final drive of the game – earning a six-play, 75-yard drive and ending with a 15-yard touchdown.

Moreover, Stroud steals the record set in 2012 by Andrew Luck with a 433-yard, throwing 470 yards and five touchdowns. With his final drive effort, Stroud cemented himself as a rookie to look out for, making an impact for the Texans.

Throughout the eight games, Stroud has already set an outstanding record. He holds a 62% completion rate, 14 touchdowns, one interception, and throws for 2,270 yards. If he continues at this rate, it won’t be long after Stroud takes the Offensive Rookie of the Year.


Minnesota Vikings and the Atlanta Falcons

Although rookie quarterback Jaren Hall started the game against the Falcons, he soon suffered a concussion in the early quarter. Afterward, Joshua Dobbs took the reins for the remainder of the game, completing 20 passes with two touchdowns for 158 yards. Under short notice, this quarterback immediately displayed a fantastic performance that earned the Vikings a 31-28 win.

Although Bijan Robinson tried to redeem the Falcons with 4.6 yards per carry, and with Allegeier’s 3.3 yards per carry as well, their efforts weren’t enough to overthrow the Vikings. For the Atlanta Falcons, their loss will mean more efforts for a high-powered pass and the move to get their ground early in the game.


The New Baltimore Ravens

As Week 9 came, so did the new Baltimore Ravens. Although the flock flew high with Gregg Roman as their offensive coordinator, this team flew even further during the Week 9 game against the Seattle Seahawks.

There are constant defense executions, paired with solid attacks from quarterback Lamar Jackson. Additionally, the Ravens showed more spread formations, leaning on each player’s skill positions. Although a few players suffered injuries at running back, that didn’t stop the Ravens from conquering the game.

On the other hand, the Seahawks will have to run the ball well and work on a solid defense. Running back Kenneth Walker III was held back to 16 yards by the Ravens. Although this could be stopped with a good defense for the Seahawks, the team is yet to find its groove and feature its best skills.


Los Angeles Rams QB Stafford’s Injury

Matthew Stafford, the Los Angeles Rams Starting Quarterback, won’t return to the lineup anytime soon. The 35-year-old player suffered a thumb injury on his dominant hand, and although it’s the Ram’s latest loss, the team will have to work for a while without Stafford on their roster.

Rams coach Sean McVay assured the public that the injury was less significant and that Stafford was improving daily. Likewise, the team will have to monitor factors once Stafford recovers – such as the ability to grip and swelling.


Taysom Hills is an Offensive Player for the Saints

Although the New Orleans Saints struggled early in the season, they redeemed themselves little by little since Week 7. Here, Taysom Hill became the answer to their woes as he settled five scores within the red zone and pushed for three touchdowns.

Last Sunday, Hill caught a touchdown pass from Derek Carr and threw one to Juwan Johnson, a feat that proved a valuable asset to the team. Due to this, the Saints reaped what they sowed – with a win against the Bears with a 24 to 17 score.


Final Thoughts

Week 9 of the NFL already has plenty of thrill to offer, and what more when you pile it up with those of the following weeks? Nonetheless, this week had new teams shaking the divisions and overall standings and players setting new records.


We hope you enjoyed the article “NFL Week 9 Takeaways: Highlights From the Recent Games.” What are you predictions for week 10? Let us know!


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