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Djokovic’s road to the French Open title



Novak Djokovic

Djokovic’s road to the French Open title

Novak Djokovic dethrones Rafael Nadal and stopped his reign at the French Open. The game was a four-set win for Djokovic and became an instant semi-final classic for the tennis world. With this win, Djokovic comes one step closer to solidifying his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Nadal was on a path to secure a 14th title and extend his personal record. However, this marks his 3rd loss at the Roland Gross in a total of 108 matches. 

In the tennis world-beating Rafael Nadal on the Roland, Gross clay is considering one of the most intimidating challenges. Despite that, Djokovic was a man on a mission and was the only one who could handle the job. The game and its competitive spirit were recognized as one of the best matches to ever be played. The atmosphere, competitiveness, and narrative made the game an all-time memorable performance for both players. 

Djokovic and Nadal were going back and forth for over 4 hours on the court. An exhausting but rewarding experience for every fan of the sport. 

After the match, Djokovic showed sportsmanship to Nadal. “To win against Rafa on this court you have to play your best tennis, and tonight I played my best tennis,” acknowledged Djokovic. He later added in a statement: “It was one of these matches you can remember forever. It was one of the top three matches in my life,” said Djokovic. 

The match was full of suspenseful and dramatic moments. The 5000 fans that attended the match live were allowed to stay past the 11 pm curfew. The decision was made after the 98-minute third set, which was nerve-racking for both players and the audience. Djokovic managed to win a tie-break, on which the whole game hinged on.


Djokovic makes history (again)

After facing off a tough opponent like Nadal, Djokovic battles Tsitsipas who is a tenacious opponent and a young star in the making. He started slowly at the final but after a dramatic comeback, Djokovic gained momentum and turned the match in his favor. The ending of the game still offered drama as Tsitsipas was battling to save his final. However, Djokovic’s experience was crucial as he did not leave room for error. 

After Djokovic won, Tsitsipas congratulated him and was proud of himself for facing off against one of the greatest tennis players. Djokovic said in a post-game statement: “I think nine hours of tennis in less than 48 hours against two grand champions … it was not easy, physically, mentally, It was very, very difficult for me.” 


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