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Love stories of famous NBA players



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Love stories of famous NBA players

Professional basketball players are rich and famous, and they are commonly seen in the company of great looking women. However, things don’t always go smoothly for them, and some of their romantic stories are equally full of heartbreak as those of the regular folks.

How relationships can affect the career of an NBA player

A professional athletic career is extremely demanding, so having a support network is very important for continued performance at a high level. On the other hand, maintaining a steady relationship can be difficult for an NBA player due to an intense traveling schedule and the pressure of publicity. Considering how wealthy most NBA stars are, it’s not rare for them to be the target of women who are after money (so called ‘gold diggers’) or even be falsely accused of sexual misconduct. That’s why a professional basketball player must have an emotional partner that can be trusted.

Is it possible to meet a famous NBA player on a dating site?

While NBA players have plenty of dating options at all times, some of them don’t mind searching for new partners online. That’s especially true for the younger generation of players, who are very comfortable with social media and other digital tools. With this in mind, an NBA player could conceivably be met through a dating site, although most of them would be using a service like in a discreet manner. That’s why it’s normal to get suspicious if you meet someone online that claims to be a professional basketball player and a millionaire, but it should be easy enough to check the identity before moving any further.

Well-known love stories of NBA stars

Users of hot dating site know how love connects different people, so experts prepared a list of NBA players and their couples to be sure on this.

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union – the perfect power couple

The relationship between the retired NBA superstar and the successful actress serves as one of the bright examples of how extraordinary people can function well together. Ever since their engagement in 2013, this power couple has been a picture of harmony despite both parties having intense professional commitments for most of this period. The union between Wade and Union was crowned with the birth of their first daughter.

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert

This young couple is another instance of two famous people operating as a tandem without any significant issues. Talented NBA shooting guard and beautiful R&b singer/model have been married since 2016 and have two children. Their romance is very publicly documented – they are still one of the most prominent couples using Twitter’s #couplegoals tag to show their happiness to the world and celebrate their special connection.

LeBron James and Savannah 

The most famous and most successful active NBA player is known as a family guy. Despite his global icon status, LeBron remains in a marriage to a woman he first met in his youth, Savannah (nee Brinson), with whom he has three children. In an era where many superstars feel entitled to act like playboys, James always maintained a steady family life and never even elicited rumors of affairs, putting loyalty ahead of quick thrills with attractive women.

Russell Westbrook and Nina

One of the most romantic stories involving a high profile NBA player is former MVP Russell Westbrook and his college sweetheart Nina Earl, a basketball player at UCLA in her own right. Those two dated for years before they were in the global spotlight and got married in 2015, right when Westbrook was at the height of his fantastic career. They still live happily with three kids in tow, a son and twin daughters.

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