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Red Bull Racing F1 Car Launch: RB16B



Red Bull Racing F1 Car Launch: RB16B

Red Bull Racing became the fourth tally of 10 teams to finally reveal their 2021 challenger ahead of pre-season testing in Bahrain but, like McLaren, it’s another copy and paste.

Since 2016, Red Bull have been identical with their F1 liveries becoming, in a way, a uniform for the elite motorsport brand.

While this is not a bad thing as it will help fans, commentators and sports writers identify the car as other new liveries race around. It’s a boring decision.

Granted, F1 isn’t popular for it’s creative concepts on new car liveries rather its high-speed racing. In addition to its innovative and unique engineering feats.


Copy and Paste

Accepting the differences with the new floor/bargeboard regulations for the upcoming season, which sees the floor of the car become narrower towards the rear. Red Bull have gone with a literal copy and paste technique of its RB16.

Understandably, some of the new upgrades brought in from the car in 2020 have been adopted onto the rear wing. The Milton Keynes outfit have opted to go with a single rear wing pillar-like feature at the back that connects to the rear wing and DRS system.


No more Aston Martin

Since Lawrence Stroll bought a big stake in Aston Martin earlier this year, the Canadian has become the new Chairman for the British manufacturer. In result, this has led to Racing Point being rebranded to Aston Martin Racing this year, meaning Red Bull are no longer able to run with Aston Martin as its title sponsor.

This explains why the energy drink team have opted to go with Honda on their rear-wing and nose, replacing the former sponsors on their new livery.

The move, itself, will also have a positive impact on Red Bull’s relationship with the Japanese engine supplier, who will allow the team to continue to use their F1 power unit technology ahead of the engine freeze in 2022.


We hope you enjoyed Red Bull Racing F1 Car Launch: RB16B! What did you think of the new Red Bull contender? Let us know in the comments!


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