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Best Football Goals Ever Scored



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What are the top 10 best goals ever scored in football?


What Are The Best Football Goals Ever Scored?

Andros Townsend and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, are just two of the names of whose volleys occur among the our list of the Best Football Goals Ever Scored in history. Townsend was just eight years old when joined the Tottenham Hotspur academy. Whereas 9 years later, he made his football league debut against Milton Keynes Dons alongside Jonathan Obika. As for Ibrahimović, today, he is one of the best strikers. He scored over 540 goals in the last four decades. Though, the two footballers, are not the only ones to remember.

After asking countless football fans about which volleys stuck on the mind, we are presenting to you ten of the most famous and memorable goals of all time.


10. Maxi Rodriguez

We begin the list with Maxi Rodriguez, during the game in which he played for Argentina against Mexico in the World Cup. Who can ever forget that volley in Germany in 2006? He proved to everyone that, indeed, it is possible to leave defenders tackling “thin air” before realising their bearings. Focused and aware, he scored right after the ball left the boot of captain Juan Pablo Sorin. Perhaps, he knew it even earlier.

Lionel Messi carried the ball ahead into the Mexican half of the pitch. Slipping in his very own half, it almost caused him failing to accumulate a bypass from Lionel Scaloni before regaining his footing and playing Messi into the area on the midway line. This is how to excuse the purposeful run from deep. Beginning long before Sorín got the ball but seemed to return from an area of expertise where the left-returned would ship it. This also explains the confidence of chest control. He took the first dangle of his teammate’s crossfield skip and instantly turning it into a second.

The power and control took Gonzalo Pineda out of the game as if Rodríguez turned into performing a higher-frame Cruyff flip. And then the shot with his weaker foot. The volley of someone who knew he was timed the entirety else flawlessly thinking there was no other alternative, but to accept as true with his body to get it proper once more. On the other hand, Oswaldo Sanchez was screaming and shouting both for limiting him to a trifling 6ft 1in and for ensuring that the fact of his anatomy might betray him while it mattered most.


9. Zinedine Zidane

Another great volley that has been described as one of the best goals in football, is Zinedine Zidane’s masterful volley. The volley  ultimately won the Champions League for Real Madrid against Bayer Leverkusen in Glasgow in 2002.

Santiago Solari played the ball over to Roberto Carlos and the whole-back hooked a hopeful-searching pass into the area where the ball discovered Zidane to shoot it into the top right corner. The previous midfielder’s famed strike became enough to land Los Blancos a ninth Champions League crown.

Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard, can’t think about a better goal than what Zidane produced at Hampden Park that night :

“Best goal of all time? Zidane’s volley against Bayer Leverkusen,”  he told the club’s website.


8. Dennis Bergkamp’s Pirouette 

Next up we go to Dennis Bergkamp and his incredible goal for Arsenal against Newcastle, travelling back in time to 2002. Newcastle were title challengers, but Arsenal’s 2-0 win knocked the stuffing out of them. Bobby Robson’s group stuttered to the completing line dropping to fourth. The following weekend the sides met once more inside the FA Cup quarter-final and in spite of finishing 1-1, Arsenal gained the replay 3-0 at Highbury while Bergkamp scored once more. The league goal was the catalyst for a bulldozing stop to the season and ensured each Tony Adams and Lee Dixon signed off with a double. 


7. Roberto Carlos 

An unforgettable moment that sticks to mind even today, is none other than Roberto Carlos’ infamous banana free-kick, undeniably one of the greatest set-pieces ever taken. We doubt whether anybody can forget that extraordinary football goal.

Brazil had been facing Les Bleus in the establishing match and albeit the opposition billed as a series of friendlies, Roberto Carlos unbelievably did make the ball circulate in moves as if it were not possible.


6. Andros Townsend

Now, we’re moving you ahead with Puskas’ winner Andros Townsend, who scored yet another contender for goal of the season for Crystal Palace, which left enthusiasts and pundits alike in utter surprise. Scoring one of the goals of the season, letting fly from 30 yards and locating the top corner, the English winger scored a spectacular strike towards Burnley at the start of the month prior to this thunderbolt.

Man City failed to clear a Palace free-kick and the ball fell to Townsend 30 yards out. Without a leap, he unleashed an undoubtedly sensational volley flying into the top corner, giving Ederson simply no chance. Townsend’s volley was also awarded the 2018/19 Premier League Goal of the Season.


5. Marco Van Basten

Netherlands striker Marco van Basten was one of the most promising talents in the game, this was highlighted during the 1988 UEFA European Championship. Some of his accolades during the tournament included a hat-trick against England, a semi-final winner as opposed to West Germany and a remarkable volley from an acute angle to peer off the Soviet Union within the final. Not too bad for a man who had an ankle injury during his debut season at AC Milan and opened the match versus the USSR via the bench.

Marco van Basten expressed:

“That was the moment where we could say it is 2-0, we can win this game. But the excitement about the goal, I did not really understand it and what I did. You can also see that in my reaction. I am asking, what is happening?”


4. Manuel Negrete 

Another spectacular goal to remember was Manuel Negrete’s acrobatic goal for Mexico in 1986. The Mexican’s acrobatic effort for Mexico towards Bulgaria in 1986 has been questionably the most satisfactory overhead kick of all time. Practising for the goal in his hometown two years earlier in the course of a clash among Unam and Puebla, the footballer was doing a number of keepy-uppys inside the box before attacking the ball home. Coming in use against the Eastern European Nation in the Round 16 in Mexico City. Beating Belgium 2-1 in the opening match and drawing 1-1 with Paraguay before 1-0 victory over Iraq taking through, Mexico eased through their team at home World Cup.

In front of 114,580, the Mexicans entered into their knockout game. With 34 minutes gone the striker caught onto a chip into an area just out of the box, cushioning the ball into his control and to teammate Javier Aguirre. A brief 1-2, without the ball even touching the ground, Negrete then hurled himself at the ball at shoulder peak without taking some other contact. The ball nestled inside the bottom right corner, Negrete celebrated in almost indignant disbelief. Mexico could seize a 2nd through Raul Servin inside the second half earlier, then getting dumped out by using West Germany, on penalties of course, in the semi-finals.


3. Diego Maradona

1986 should have been a hit year in football history since we couldn’t avoid taking into account Diego Maradona’s goal versus England in the World Cup of that year. Speaking to Gary Stevens, the person who was coated as much as guy-mark the Argentine genius in that area-final in Mexico said:

“Maradona buried the English defence, he picked up that ball 40 yards out, first he left one man for dead, then we went past Sansom, it’s a goal of great quality by a player of the greatest quality. It’s England 0, Argentina 2.”

England did pull a goal back through Gary Lineker as replacement John Barnes tore into the Argentina defence inside the latter ranges. Sir Bobby Robson’s side even got near an equaliser to depart many an English supporter between the 114,580 crowds wondering what might have been. Nevertheless, nobody felt like Gary Stevens. He changed into the man who Robson had toyed with asking to do a person-marking activity on Maradona that day. Stevens made his call as part of the Brighton team that reached the 1983 FA Cup final, before triumphing at Tottenham. He claimed a UEFA Cup winners’ medal in 1984 before managing to force his manner into Robson’s World Cup squad regardless of winning 5 caps in advance of the tournament.

“I think there were about 100,000 there that day and I presume there would have been hundreds of millions watching around the world. I played a part with a genuine assist for Gary Lineker’s goal that helped win him the golden boot”

Stevens told Sky Sports.

“Glenn Hoddle slipped it through to me and I crossed for Lineker to tuck it into the net. We won that game comfortably 3-0 and it got us into the quarter final against Argentina. That undoubtedly was the highlight of the tournament for me personally.”

He added.

An encouraging play raised hopes of a beginning place for the showdown inside the remaining eight whilst injuries solid doubts over the fitness of others. Besides, Stevens saw his hopes dashed at the eve of the game.

“There was a chance I would play instead of Peter Reid against Argentina because he had an injury and maybe wasn’t going to be fit. As it transpired, he was adjudged fit enough to play. Terry Fenwick had a slight groin strain, which possibly would have meant I could have played, but he was also adjudged fit.”

Player Gary Stevens stated. He also confessed:

“Could I have stopped it? I don’t know. It could have made me. But it could have completely broken me couldn’t it? There wasn’t anyone else at Mexico ’86 who could get near the fella. So was I likely to? I was super-fit. I was probably one of the fittest, if not the fittest player in the squad at the time. But the guy was on a different level out there.”

Reid was removed halfway through the second half but with England chasing the game, Robson turned alternatively to Chris Waddle earlier than introducing Barnes with his 2nd and very last authorised substitution soon later on. As a result, the road for England in Mexico ended and Stevens never played for England again.


2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

It was in 2012 when Zlatan Ibrahimovic, playing for Paris Saint-Germain, scored a wonder goal against England. Scoring three goals within the last and remaining 12 minutes, he brought his tally for the sport to four after opening the scoring. Nevertheless, it’s the last of the four that will forever be remembered. It was a sensational and wonderful volley from around 35 yards out, leaving a grab of international footballers to look like ordinary school kids.

Tobias Sana, who became at the bench for Sweden that day, stated:

“It was the perfect performance, Zlatan against children, and he has been criticised in England in the past, but this proves them all wrong.”

Indeed it did.

Sweden head coach Erik Hamren said:

“Sometimes you feel you’re looking at a computer game where you can do all these incredible things,because that’s not possible to do that, that fourth goal.”

Before the start of the game, there has been a surreal starting ceremony providing knights and different types of pageantry. Ibrahimovic gave Sweden the lead, poking the ball in after Caulker blocked his preliminary shot. Joe Hart and Gary Cahill almost surpassed Sweden through getting in one another’s way after a cross. Still from there, England got into the game. Sterling performed the first-rate skip out to the left for Ashley Young, whose low pass changed into turning home by Danny Welbeck. Minutes later, Gerrard whipped an excellent free-kick into the area and Caulker, of all people, shot and gave the lead to England.

Hodgson’s players fairly controlled the game after the break. Sterling, Caulker and Osman had started the game, then inside the 2nd half Zaha, Jenkinson and Shawcross were all introduced. That was a fault caused by the latter that started the late mayhem. This permitted Ibrahimovic the distance to take a lofted pass down on his chest and lash a volley home to level the game.

After five minutes, Ibrahimovic completed his hat trick, firing a low shot into the corner of the net. While the clock was ticking into injury time, Hart dashed out of his field to move away from an extended punt from deep in Swedish territory. Ibrahimovic chased the ball, but when Hart advanced, he predicted what would happen. Hence, he hung lower back for a second. Hart’s header didn’t reach that far, but there was enough distance on it that Ibrahimovic needed to avoid shooting.  In preference to do what every other ordinary footballer might, Ibrahimovic launched himself and his huge hamstrings into the air, hooking an improbable overhead volley high, over the England keeper and into the net. It was part football approach, part martial arts flow.

“I saw him come out and had to decide whether I should go in a duel or wait for him to head it out. When he headed it I had it in my mind to try to score. I hit it in mid-air and, when I landed, saw [Shawcross] running back to try to clear but it bounced over him. It was a good try, that is all.”

Ibrahimovic said.


1. Paul Gascoigne 

Paul Gascoigne’s popular goal in Euro 96 was one of the reasons that England versus Scotland has gone down in history. The Group A conflict renewed football’s oldest competition. It was the first time when the two countries played each other since 1989. A packed-out Wembley noticed Alan Shearer put England into the lead earlier than Gazza’s iconic goal. The dentist’s chair celebration placed the Euro 96 hosts 2-0 up. However, there have also been heroics at the other end too. David Seaman pulled off vital saves to maintain England’s profit.


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘Best Football Goals Ever Scored.’ What is your favourite goal on the list? Let us know!


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