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Golf Courses set to re-open: From Tee to Dream



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Golf Courses set to re-open: From Tee to Dream

The Tee-shot at the last is struck with purpose. The mid-iron approach finds the heart of the Green and the twelve-foot putt is duly dispatched. Savouring the appreciation from the packed galleries, dreams are realised. In the immediate aftermath, humble beginnings are recalled.

As Golf courses throughout Scotland re-awaken from a period of enforced hibernation, set to open from May 29th,  a unique opportunity to welcome a fresh generation of enthusiasts presents itself. A nuanced cross-sector approach can provide immeasurable benefits for all.

Local authority-run facilities provide a pathway for new sporting recruits. Exponential neglect has resulted in infrastructure being viewed as low-hanging fruit ripe for property speculation. A long-term commitment to protect and maintain facilities, would ensure a vibrant coexistence within the communities they serve, and further encourage engagement.

Traditional Golf establishments could play their part – by regularly reviewing and evaluating their membership criteria. Similarly, the Hospitality and Tourism sector, (beneficiaries of Scotland’s historical association with the sport) could continue to invest at a grass-roots level, thereby nurturing future talent and enhancing progressive community relationships.

Be it Steve or Stephenie, Jack or Jacqueline, participation is the key.


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