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What to do in Destiny 2 after character selection



What to do in Destiny 2 after character selection

Destiny 2 is one of the most famous shooters in the MMO RPG genre, which combines many popular mechanics – an interesting story, many variations of hero development, three main classes and various subclasses, PVP and PVE system, raids and boss battles and just exploring space and new planets.


Character selection

The beginning of your journey will begin with the choice of a class, for which you will touch the world of Destiny 2.

There are three classes available:

  • Titan is a character in heavy armor, the prototype of a medieval knight in a fantasy setting of the distant future. The character has good potential to protect himself and surrounding allies with an absorbing shield and powerful steel fists, as well as classic ranged weapons.
  • Warlock is a character who fights at medium distances and uses magic to inflict heavy damage on the territory and at the same time imposes the effects of restoring health and strengthening allies.
  • The Hunter is a ranged character with a good ability to fight up close with opponents who get too close with sharp daggers. He can always use camouflage and smoke bombs as a means of approaching the target and vice versa to get out of the battle.


Key Recommendations

While going through the training, do not ignore the key elements of the mechanic, even if they seem primitive to you. You will be taught the technique of moving and using shelters, they will show you a system of grenades and skills, ways to get armor and weapons, and most importantly, a system of subclasses.

Explore the raiding and leveling system on your own, or use the destiny 2 sherpa provided by Skycoach. Professional players will be able to help in any segment of the development of the hero in Destiny 2. You will be able to get the necessary levels and game glosses, learn how to play on your character and help in guaranteed completion of raids.

The service provides a guarantee for the success of any of the services and takes all necessary measures to protect the client from interference by the game administration in the subject of the transaction. Even if some unforeseen incident happens, the Skycoach service will return the money to you and compensate for the losses caused by the game administration.


Subclass system

In total, Destiny 2 has four subclasses that are needed as elements of hero development and giving them unique properties and enhancing basic abilities.

Each character is distinguished by its subclass, which will improve its capabilities the most. You can choose other variations of subclasses, we only advise you to rely on the knowledge that other players have researched and selected the best options:

Hunter and the sun – as a character with strong ranged damage and attacks with daggers at close range, the sun will allow you to reveal and enhance this advantage and add the ability to concentrate energy in the power of a shot and deliver powerful attacks that pierce armor of any type, which will be especially useful in raids and against enemy tanks.

Warlock and void – since Warlock is a strong AoE class, it is the magic of the void that will allow him to significantly increase attacks from mass skills and deal heavy damage to monsters and players who are grouped together. This skill will not buff the Warlock’s defensive and healing abilities, but will have a beneficial effect on offensive skills.

Titan and lightning – since a titan is a warrior who is always in the forefront, even with the ability to fire from small arms, but the duty to call a shield and block incoming damage to protect yourself and allies obliges you to neglect the distance for the sake of a good position to absorb damage. Lightning will help to deal passive damage with lightning and thus remain a combat-ready unit, even while on the defensive without the ability to remove the protective shield.

Unlike the main subclasses, which were created to fit each class separately, the Lightfall update for Destiny 2 introduced a new subclass called the Stand, which is universal and suitable for every character if you decide to try out the new hero power-up vector.

For a titan, this is the ability to add steel knives to steel fists and apply a bleeding effect that will always take away the enemy’s health after contact.

For a warlock, this is an AoE effect booster similar to the void, which works a little differently. This is a shrapnel effect that deals damage in a single point and scatters shards around to deal additional damage around the target.

For the hunter, this is the use of a unique ritual weapon, which is essentially a dagger on the target, which will allow you to attack opponents with melee weapons without having to get close to the target.

It is up to you to decide whether it is worth going along a new vector of development, but it is definitely worth trying out unknown knowledge – you can always return to the familiar basics.


Raids and Strikes

Destiny 2 has an extensive dungeon system that works to give players new gameplay elements, interesting challenges, a way to communicate between players, and a way to get the best gear variations the game has to offer.

Strikes is a simplified version of the raid, which is designed for three people and is needed so that players in the process of initial pumping get the opportunity to get weapons and equipment power-ups and at the same time get interesting gameplay during the battle with bosses and roughly understand what awaits them in the future .

Raids are a source of obtaining legendary equipment and weapons that cannot be obtained in any other way.

This is a boss fight with the ability to choose one of three available difficulty options, each of which is unlocked by completing the previous part.

The usual raid format is introductory in nature, so you can see all the main mechanics of the boss and earn glitz and equipment, as well as game experience.

The Heroic format requires more players to enter and makes the boss more deadly, with increased defense and attack and faster cooldowns and retinue summoning.

The Mythic Raid will require multiple groups to enter and a special level of gear. The boss will be deadly and strong, and every mistake of even one player can lead to the failure of the entire campaign.

It is here that the best legendary equipment is obtained, which will significantly strengthen your hero and allow you to get a large amount of experience and sparkles – the local currency of Destiny 2.

Use tactics to hold the boss with tanks and attack with the power of the hunters, breaking through the armor of the head of the dungeon and healing the warlocks.


We hope you enjoyed the article “What to do in Destiny 2 after character selection.” Are you a fan of Destiny 2? Let us know!


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