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European Super League: For vs Against?



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European Super League: For vs Against?

The European Super League had been surrounded with controversies since it’s announcement. On 18th of April, it was officially announced that the European Super League would be established. Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez was named the Chairman of the competition. Initially 12 clubs across the whole of Europe agreed to join and be named as the founding members of the Super League.

After only 48 hours of the announcement, Premier League clubs started to opt out of the European Super League. It was the pressure from the fans of the concerned clubs that led to a temporary stop to this Super League. Almost every football fan was against the proposal of the Super League, was it really a bad idea or fans were opposed to a change. Let us look into the pros and cons of the European Super League.


The Positive Impacts of the European Super League

1. Better Income to the Top Clubs:  The amount of money for the clubs playing in the Super League would have be unmatched. An initial payment of 3.5 billion euros and additional 400 million from winning the league. Plus bonuses based on their performance, playing in the Super League would have meant a monumental rise in the amount of income for these clubs. Helping them in this pandemic and economic crisis.

“This isn’t a battle for money, this is a battle for football. We’re trying to save football, and some people don’t care because it’s not in their financial interest.” were the words of Florentino Perez on the financials of the European Super League.


2. Higher Quality of Football: Fans always anticipate the biggest matches, especially among the top clubs of Europe. The Super League would have given the fans these matches every week. This meant a higher quality of football week in-week out. Seeing your team face the best of Europe would make any fan excited.


3. Tough to Qualify: The Super League consisted of 20 teams out of which 15 clubs were predetermined and the remaining 5 spots would be filled on the basis of merit. These 5 spots were open to all teams across Europe, this meant securing a spot in European Super League would not be easy.


The Negative Impacts of the European Super League

1. Lower Support to Smaller Clubs: In football a ‘pyramid structure’ is followed where a percentage of the revenue generated from the bigger clubs rightfully trickles down to lower league leagues. Money earned through TV rights, parachute payments, domestic competitions, all help the develop and sustain clubs in the lower divisions. With the introduction of the Super League, smaller clubs would no receive the same support, leading to financial instability in a already tumultuous period for many due to the pandemic.


2. Franchise Football: All of the leagues across Europe are open leagues, which means their are relegations and promotions every season. The 15 clubs in the European Super League would essentially never be relegated, making it a franchise styled league, similar to what we see in America in the NBA and NFL. This would certainly affect the quality and excitement in these matches.

3. Against the Spirit of the game: The lack of competitiveness and no incentives if the club performs well goes against the very essence of the sport, with each club earning millions despite their performance. This would destroy the spirit of the game, the competitiveness and the motivation of players to perform well.


4. No More Underdog stories: Football is famous for it’s stories and beautiful moments. With all the big clubs playing in the league, without any motivation to win, these stories would slowly cease to exist. We wouldn’t be able to see another tale like Leicester City or Roma, fighting till the end against Barcelona, to eliminate them from the Champions League.


5. Suspension on Players: UEFA and FIFA along with other football federations joined forces against the European Super League. FIFA threatened to ban the players who played in European Super League from all International team events such as the Euros, Copa America and even the World Cup. This could have severely harmed the passion of players who want to achieve great things with their respective national team.


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘European Super League: For vs Against?.’ What were your opinions on the European Super League? Let us know!


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