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An Analysis of Emile Smith Rowe



Emile Smith-Rowe

Emile Smith Rowe: Arsenal’s next superstar?


An Analysis of Emile Smith-Rowe

In a season that many fans would describe as sub-par, Emile Smith Rowe has been a breath of fresh air – and has widely contributed to the sparks of brilliance that Arsenal have produced. Now that Mesut Ozil is out of the picture, this is truly the time for Smith-Rowe to continue to blossom, and become that creative spark that the Gunners severely lacked last season and parts of this season.

Positional Awareness & Space Creation

Smith Rowe has changed how Arsenal play, and a major cause for this is his ability to create space and position himself correctly. Whilst it may seem like a simple thing to do, it really can change the dynamic of a game. An example of this would be his goal against Newcastle, where he found himself in a triangle with himself, Lacazette and Saka. ESR played the ball to Saka and immediately made the run into space, catching the defence off guard. He was able to make a good touch on the return and finish nicely.

He will often position himself between the lines of the midfield, which will allow the midfielders to push through the middle of the field rather than out wide,

The triangle of ESR, Saka and Lacazette has been used on more than one occasion, and has seen some great results. ESR uses his mental speed to break into space before the defender can catch on, which has been a deadly skill of his on many occasions.

Technique & Vision

Not only does Smith-Rowe have the ability to find space, but ESR has an impressive on ball technique, and this usually throws off his defender and works in his favour. In addition to this, Emile has excellent vision for his age. In numerous occasions, the midfielder has been able to not only find space, but also find his open man and create chances as well as goals.

Emile’s play style added another dimension to Arsenal’s tactics, because the strikers had been used to feeding off crosses in many situations, however ESR is able to distribute through balls from tight spots, which hasn’t been done effectively since Ozil was in the first team. The aerial threat combined with a striker with a good touch and finish will be deadly to any team.

Pace & Confidence

What adds to Emile’s brilliance is his confidence on the ball. He is extremely quick with the ball at his feet, and he knows this. The confidence combined with raw talent allows him to drive at defences relentlessly, and drift wide and cause overloads. This is another way that he would create space for teammate.

His pace also means that when he is in space, which he often is, he can act quickly before any defender catches up. He usually breaks into space with extreme speed, which means he has time to work out what his next move will actually be.


Talent is one thing, but if you do not have self belief in this talent, it will be hard to progress. Whilst ESR is young, he is very sure of his ability and conducts himself as if he has been playing for much longer than he has. He adds a element of flair to Arsenal’s repertoire that hasn’t been seen for a few years, and he could be the man who takes Arsenal out of their drought of misery if he continues to progress so well.

Arsenal have issues that run deeper than just one player, but the addition of Emile Smith Rowe certainly points the Gunners in the right direction.


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