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The best New Year Diets to try this January 2020



Healthy Eating

Finding a diet you can stick to and is easy to prepare goes hand in hand to keep consistency and see results, try these for New Year


Why is it hard to stick to a diet?


The number one issue people have sticking to diets is simply they go too extreme and look for a quick fix, when a diet seems too good to be true it usually is. The famous saying ‘I will start on Monday’ hardly every ends with a person sticking to the plan.


The main focus on any diet should be to sustain the eating pattern for a long period of time, most people who take on a diet are looking for a quick fix and set unrealistic goals and expectations. Very restrictive diets almost always end in failure.


The one main thing to consider when choosing a diet (or lifestyle change) is no diet is right for everyone. You need to look at the diet and see if it fits your lifestyle and level of commitment your willing to sustain for a long period of time.



The best non-restrictive New Year diets of 2020:


16:8 Fasting Diet

This diet works on an hourly basis, it is as simple as eating only in an 8 hour window each day and fasting (not eating) for the remaining 16 hours. There are no restrictions to calories in the 8 hour eating window, it is advised you do eat healthily in the eating window.


The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 diet is very simple, you eat for 5 days as normal and then eat for 2 day with a very low calorie count. This diet has gain a lot of followers over the years, mainly due to the fact it is very easy to follow and does not require fancy meals and lots of preparation. It requires that you eat a normal amount of calories for five days (2500 for men, 2000 for women), then only 25% of the calories for the remaining 2 days (600 for men and 500 for women).


The Mediterranean Diet

This diet prioritises fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain pasta and breads. It is simple as eating like they do in the Mediterranean. This diets requires you to swap red meat for fish and butter for good fats like olive oil.


The Vegan Diet

The most talked about diet in 2019, this diet simply excludes all animal products. It has grown in such popularity that there are now a lot of foots that are made in vegan versions, such as, milks, cheese and meats.


With all the above diets please consult your doctor before starting any new diet.

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