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Dating a Tennis Player: Main Things to Know




Dating a Tennis Player: Main Things to Know

If you’re dreaming about dating a tennis player (at least for a night), you’re one of many. Such relationships are exciting and fun but require a lot of sacrifices (if it’s a serious thing). However, to enjoy something like that, one needs to meet someone who plays tennis. Some people have better chances, but everyone has a fighting chance.


Places to Meet Tennis Players

Most tennis players spend their days practicing or traveling to tournaments. In areas where tennis is popular, chances of meeting players are much higher. We’ll return to places where it’s possible to see pro players. First, let’s mention the rising trend among pro athletes.


They’re Using Dating Sites!

Tennis players are still people. They get lonely; they get horny. They need attention and someone to talk to. Many are single and young, so they don’t hesitate to use dating platforms. It’s not unusual for a tennis player to have a profile on the one-night stand site because that’s how to meet local singles on the go. Using the accurate location filter lets anyone see the nearest members, which is very important for people with tight schedules. If you know anything about tennis, you know how much time and dedication it consumes. But those who want to meet pro tennis players for casual flings don’t have to worry about that. Most athletes prefer hookup sites over those for serious dating anyway. That gives them a fun and effective way to spend those rare moments of free time.


Bars, restaurants, etc.

Everyone has a chance online. It may be slim, but it exists. And not everyone is lucky enough to live in areas where tennis players spend their free time. Those who are can visit local bars and restaurants until they figure out where most tennis players hang out. A slow strategy without any guarantees. However, not every city is New York, and not every tennis player is Nadal. Adjusting expectations helps to get results. But bars are, in this case, as in any other, less likely to deliver than dating sites.


(Around) Stadiums

Visiting tennis tournaments arguably gives the best chances to meet tennis players. Again, you can’t expect to meet Zverev right after he finishes a match. But tournaments or tennis-related events are still the best for meeting tennis players. At least for those who insist on doing it in person.


Five Reasons Why You Should Date a Tennis Player

Whichever type of relationship with a tennis player you’re chasing, expect good things to happen. They’re great long-term partners (in general) but amazing in casual relationships. Here are 5 reasons that make people realize how blessed they are for dating a tennis player.


They are Independent

Tennis isn’t a team sport. Players have to learn how to be independent and motivate themselves. Those are traits everyone desires from their partners, even for hookups. Someone independent won’t turn into a needy slime after a night together.


There’s Always Passion Involved

No one without passion burning through their whole body doesn’t make it in tennis. Players transfer that into everyday life and in the bedroom.


They Can Play For Hours (Yes, you devil! We’re talking about THAT)

Tennis matches are known to last long, and so are players. No further explanation is needed.


Money Doesn’t Hurt

Most tennis players don’t make nearly as much as Nadal, but many make a good living. That affects their relationships. Hookups in hotels are much better than those on the back seat of a Prius.


They Are Usually Down to Earth

And after all of the qualities mentioned above, tennis players are still regular people. They aren’t some bigger-than-life personalities who avoid every contact with the world. That makes them so desirable.


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