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Lion Fight 68: Main Card Results



Lion Fight 68: Main Card Results

This Sunday, Glasgow saw four exciting title fights and more Muay Thai bouts ranging from A-Class to C-Class. The most notable matches were Amy Pirnie vs. Lara Fernandez and Jorina Baars vs. Claire Clements for the Women’s World Titles.

Alongside the Women’s World Titles, other notable matches include Craig Coakley vs. Mo Abdurahman and Jake Peacock vs. Federico Alfaro for the Men’s European Titles. All four of these bouts are under A-Class rules, meaning they follow the U.K.M.F’s ruleset without any modifications.

Alongside these star-studded championship bouts, there was a wide variety of British and European talent on the Main and Undercard. Lion Fight 68 operates under the U.K.M.F’s Professional Muay Thai Rules and Regulations, meaning bouts have a modified ruleset if they are either B-Class or C-Class.

This was an amazing performance from all fighters, and we wish them all the best.


Lion Fight 68: Main Card and Results

Amy Pirnie vs. Lara Fernandez (Lion Fight Super-Flyweight World Title)

Amy Pirnie remains the Lion Fight Super-Flyweight World Champion by Split Decision.

The fight was a heated head-to-head contest, with both fighters putting everything on the line for the belt. Pirnie scored more, working the leg kick to stop Fernandez, who focused more on clinching and hand combinations. Pirnie’s resilience, constant kicks, and sweeps let her prevail over Fernandez, remaining the Women’s Super-Flyweight World Champion.


Jake Peacock vs. Federico Alfaro (Lion Fight Super-Welterweight European Title)

Jake Peacock wins the Lion Fight Super-Welterweight European Title by TKO.

The fight was a highly technical one, with Peacock’s unorthodox striking and Alfaro’s responses. However the fight ended with a referee stoppage once Alfaro took a groin shot from Peacock and refused to continue, only to complain and contest the referee ruling once the fight was stopped.


Jorina Baars vs. Claire Clements (Lion Fight Welterweight World Title)

Jorina Baars remains the Lion Fight Welterweight World Champion by Unanimous Decision.

Barrs stayed dominant with her dutch style kickboxing, focusing on heavy hand combinations and leg kicks, with the occasional head kick and push kick. Clements found strong footing with clinching, as Barrs wasn’t able to answer Clements’ knees. Despite this, Barrs threw the greater volume of strikes, and showcased her technical prowess to remain the Women’s Welterweight World Champion.


Craig Coakley vs. Mo Abdurahman (Lion Fight European Super-Lightweight Title)

Mo Abdurahman wins the Lion Fight European Super-Lightweight Title by Split Decision.

This was a close fight, both fighters going head to head for all five rounds. Coakley tried to keep his distance, focusing on evasion and scoring, however Abdurahman’s constant pressure and volume striking earned him a slight advantage on the scorecards over his opponent.


Alex MacGregor vs. Artur Saladiak (Light-Heavyweight)

Alex MacGregor wins this bout by Unanimous Decision.

MacGregor’s height advantage allowed him to keep his distance from the shorter Saladiak, fighting with the traditional Muay Thai stadium point-scoring style. Saladiak forced his way forward to land a few strong shots, aiming for counters after MacGregor’s kicks, however MacGregor took every shot well and won by unanimous decision.


Charlie McGhee vs. Lewis Childs (Welterweight)

Charlie McGhee wins this bout by TKO in Round 2.

Strong downward elbows to the head earned McGhee a down in the second round, as Childs was forced to go on the defensive against McGhee’s pressure. A push kick to the head forced Childs to the canvas a second time. He had failed to recover by the end of the Referee’s count.


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