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Football Players Who Love Older Women and Why They Are So Attracted?



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Football players are living the dream which enables them to get anything they want, especially when it comes to women! However, not every footballer dates younger models to massage their ego. In fact, some footballers can actually see the benefits of meeting older women, but why is this? They have the potential to attract almost anyone, so why are mature women so attractive? Let’s consider what makes older women more attractive to footballers.


Where Is it Possible to Meet an Older Woman That Loves Football?

Many women who enjoy football will spend time around the football scene. You can expect to find them in bars, parties, and launch events. However, there’s no denying that discovering a like-minded lady is more likely to happen using a dating site, as that is where most people with higher standards than most of the society find dating success in the modern day.


Why Are Older Women So Attractive? 

5 Things Worth Understanding About Dating Older Women

Yes, now finding classy older ladies is much easier than it used to be. Nor you nor footballers are required to visit specific venues and galas to meet a flashy and seductive lady, as they are looking for partners using a hot milf site. But what to do after you felt that initial spark? Here are things to consider while dating older women.

They’re Keen to Impress – Many older women have a desire to enjoy sporty younger men, so they’ll do everything to impress a guy they find viable. So, if you’re already on a date, expect them to enjoy your presence because they’ll do everything possible to show their personality.

Older Women Care – When dating older women online, you’ll instantly realize how loving and caring they are. Therefore, they’ll spend time taking care of everything, ensuring everyone is right.

They’re Not Interested in Anyone Else – Older women are ready to settle down. They’ve spent time dating and meeting different people, but now they’re ready to settle down for good. The mature dating mentality is “enough chasing people,” which is why footballers are often keen to meet mature ladies.

They’re Easy to Get on With – Younger women can often prove to be high maintenance. However, older women have lower expectations and needs. They’re more independent and see guys for who they really are, which is ideal for helping footballers to discover real women who have real feelings for them. 

Appearance is Everything – Footballers spend their lives in the limelight, so having a lady who takes care of her appearance is always useful for being in front of the camera. Your mature partner too will be glamorous and smart, which always makes her look attractive!


Three Footballers Who Are with an Older Lady

Gerard Pique and Shakira

Gerard Pique is a famous footballer who plies his trade with Barcelona, one of the biggest football clubs in the world. He is married to the international singing superstar Shakira, and they have two children together. These two have been a couple for some time, but he is 35, and she is 44, which makes her slightly older than him!


Zlatan Ibrahimović and Helena Seger

Zlatan considers himself one of the best footballers in the world, and nobody will disagree. He has spent his life chasing his dream around the world but keeping him grounded is his wife, Helena Seger. There is 12 years age difference between them, which makes her considerably older than him!


Cesc Fabregas and Daniella Semaan

The former Arsenal, Chelsea, and Barcelona man has been considered one of the leading midfielders in the world for a while, but his wife certainly leads when it comes to the age difference! Daniella is 11 years older than him, which does make her the head of the family!

So, footballers aren’t always about the glamour and limelight. Some prefer to find an older lady and settle down to a life of simplicity while they show off their skills on the field!


We hope you enjoyed the article ‘Football Players Who Love Older Women and Why They Are So Attracted?’ Who is your favourite football couple? Let us know!


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