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As If On Cue



As if on Cue


They often talk about it.

It was a where-were-you moment.

A ‘Hurricane’ and a ‘Whirlwind’ populated the Crucible. The eponymous arena crackled as the Sorcerer and his Apprentice held court. Act 30, in a best-of-31-frame production guaranteed to bring the house down.

Alex Higgins Vs Jimmy White

The principals were Alex Higgins and Jimmy White respectively; the year, 1982. At stake a place in the World Snooker Final. White led 15-14, and was at the table holding a 59 point lead in Frame 30. A red-black eight-point combination would all-but seal the deal.

The hyperactive Higgins could not sit still. What ensued defined their Crucible careers.

Both players were recognised for bucking the trend within the Conservative structure of the sport. They were speculators in a sure and steady landscape. Playing fast and loose, their devil-may-care locomotion often led to inner commotion.

White left the next red hanging.

As Higgins circled and brushed the baize, viewers collectively held their breath. Six reds remained.

A decade earlier, Belfast-born Higgins became the youngest winner of the Championship. Provincial titles aside, the interim years were as notable for his anti-social off-table antics, and aged 33, doubts generated over the self-professed ‘peoples champions’ ability to truly fulfil his undoubted potential.

An anxious opening pot was tempered by a sublime green-ball execution. An outrageous red-black-red-blue combination, followed. With surgical finesse and unique cue-ball craftsmanship, Higgins diffused the assembled minefield. The colours from Yellow to Black were duly dispatched, accumulating a winning aggregate of 69 points. A break of unrivalled quality.

Higgins clinched the deciding frame, subsequently collecting his second World Title with victory over long-time rival Ray Reardon.

Content in the knowledge that he contributed immeasurably, White would arguably never come closer to winning a World Title.

As the 2020 Championships gently unfold, enthusiasts yearn for a similarly refreshing weather front over the Sheffield area.


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