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Lion Fight 69: Main Card Results



Lion Fight 69: Main Card Results

Lion Fight 69 brought us another amazing set of matchups, with two title bouts showcasing some of the best North American talent the company has to offer.

The two most notable matches were Steve Walker vs. Warren Thompson for the Lion Fight North American Super Cruiserweight Title, as well as Michael Triana vs. Brendan Raftery for the Lion Fight North American Super Featherweight Title.

Big shifts in the card meant that Warren Thompson, who was originally matched against Joseph Stirpling for the Lion Fight North American Heavyweight Title, moved down to Super Cruiserweight to fill in for Lyndon Knowles, who was originally set to fight Steve Walker for the title. 

Alongside these title bouts, the main card featured plenty of North American talent ranging from Middleweight to Heavyweight.


Lion Fight 69: Results

Steve Walker vs. Warren Thompson (Lion Fight North American Super Cruiserweight Title)

Steve Walker remains the Lion Fight North American Super Cruiserweight Champion by T.K.O in Round 4.

Thompson’s strategy of getting on the inside left him to deal with Walker’s effective long range control, forcing Thompson out of his comfort zone. Despite the pressure, Thompson continued walking forward, attempting to cut off the ring. Walker’s creative and unusual striking allowed him to outplay his opponent, with a continuous onslaught both inside and outside of the clinch.


Michael Triana vs. Brendan Raftery (Lion Fight North American Super Featherweight Title)

Brendan Raftery wins the Lion Fight North American Super Featherweight Title by split decision.

Raftery was dominant throughout rounds 1 to 3, however Triana picked up the pace in the final two rounds. Triana often initiated clinches, looking for scoring knees. Raftery aimed for counters, mixing up his striking with dynamic movement, and constant pressure forcing Triana back.


Julian Nguyen vs. Dwayne Holman (Welterweight Muay Thai)

Julian Nguyen wins this bout by T.K.O in Round 2.

The fight started with speed and aggression from Holman, utilising his long reach to enter clinching range, where he focused on landing scoring knees. Nguyen worked down Holman’s leg, staying outside of Holman’s punching range, and the accumulated damage forced Holman to forfeit in the corner following round 2.


Shaun Shubert vs. Jose Montelongo (Middleweight Muay Thai)

Jose Montelongo wins this bout by T.K.O in Round 2.

Montelongo’s constant pressure and clinches controlled both the outside and inside during round 1, with Schubert’s punches not finding their mark. Schubert stood toe to toe with Montelongo finding good footing in the clinch and with his kicks. The fight ended by doctors stoppage after Round 2, following brutal elbows from Montelongo throughout the two rounds.


Josh Thompson vs. Jorge Vega (Heavyweight Muay Thai)

Jorge Vega wins this bout by T.K.O in Round 2.

Thompson had a strong start initiating clinches, however Vega’s counter to the Thompson’s uppercut earns him his first knockdown in round 1, and another knockdown following a strong knee to the head. Further pressure and effective range control from Vega earned him another knockdown in Round 2, where the referee stopped the fight.


Jose Rivera vs. Brian Bogue (Middleweight Muay Thai)

Jose Rivera wins this bout by T.K.O in Round 3.

Bogue dominated the first round by clinching, denying Rivera his effective punching range. Rivera came back in round 2 controlling his distance better, raining down on Bogue with downward elbows and boxing combinations, earning him a knockdown in round 2. The fight ended following two knockdowns in round 3, forcing the referee to stop the fight.


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