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Lewis Hamilton’s charge for his seventh world title



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How did Hamilton win his seventh world title?

Lewis Hamilton’s charge for his seventh world title

In the unprecedented 2020 season, Lewis Hamilton secured his seventh world title in Formula One but how did he get there?

As he beat the likes of Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas for another year, Lewis Hamilton secured his seventh world title as he took home the race win in Turkey.

This title has the Briton sharing the top spot with Michael Schumacher for most world titles of all time. 

But it wasn’t all plain-sailing for the, now, seven-time world champion:


Hamilton started the season on the back foot, following the prolonged hiatus after the cancelled Australian Grand Prix when a McLaren team member tested positive for Covid-19. The then six-time champion, faced a three-place grid penalty for failing to slow down – when Bottas took his W11 ‘lawnmower’ out on the grass at the Austrian Red Bull Ring.

After he made contact with Red Bull’s Alexander Albon, similar to Brazil 2019, he suffered a five-second timed penalty which provided McLaren’s Lando Norris with his maiden podium after his ‘Scenario Seven’ sprint to the finish line.

However, the defending world champion ensured his shadow remained on the heels of Bottas as he secured the win of the second race of the season in Austria following a very wet qualifying session. 


One of the most memorable and controversial races of the entire season. The tyre drama that exploded in the latter stages of the race ensured incredible excitement amongst the fans and spectators. 

Bottas was the first to suffer the unfortunate fate on lap 50 of 52, while Carlos Sainz and Hamilton both suffered tyre failures on the final lap of the race. 

The troublesome tyre failed at Luffield (turn seven) for the Silver Arrow world champion who was leading ahead of Verstappen by 30 seconds. Hamilton managed to limp his three-wheeled ‘Reliant Robin’ W11 across the line five-seconds ahead of the Dutch Red Bull as his deflated tyre hung onto the wheel rim.


The Italian Grand Prix was another hurdle to Hamilton’s championship campaign as he failed to recognise two red crosses that symbolised the pit lane was closed due to Kevin Magnussen’s stranded VF-20 Haas, beside the pit lane entry. 

This provided the Briton with a 10-second penalty, along with Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi – for the same offence, after the race was red flagged when Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, plowed into the barrier on the exit of the Curva Parabolica (turn eight). 

With the need to pit again shortly after the standing restart, Hamilton re-entered the race at the back of the pack. Despite this, the world champion put in an impressive performance as he charged through the field and finished seventh. 


The Turkish Grand Prix was one of the most impressive performances for the seven-time world champion and one of the top races of the entire season. 

Due to a freshly resurfaced track and wet weather, Racing Point’s Lance Stroll secured pole position ahead of the race with Hamilton lined up in sixth.

Despite the Canadian’s best efforts, he failed to materialise his pole position into his first race victory, which was stolen away by Hamilton. 

Bottas, failed to push out the title fight to Bahrain after he suffered numerous spins in his W11 and was later ordered to let Hamilton pass under a blue flag. 

As Car 44 was the first past the chequered flag, followed by Racing Point’s Sergio Perez and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, the Briton secured his seventh world title – equalling Michael Schumacher.



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