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SportingFerret is a UK-based sports publication where you will find literally everything that you might want to read about your favourite teams from the UK across different types of sports. We believe that a sports fan is a sports fan and it does not matter if you like Cricket, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Formula 1, or anything else. On and by the way, we cover all the above sports as well as others on the website, therefore, you are covered on all the aspects if you visit SportingFerret.

SportingFerret, or SF as we like to call it, is a place where you should find all the sports news regarding UK-based teams and we also cover the Premier League news which has become a premier football tournament in the UK and around the globe. We ensure that every content that gets posted on our publication is from a passionate sports fan rather than you typical sports journalist.

With this, you can be assured that the things you read on our publication will be straight from a fan just like you and you might be able to connect with it better. Having said that, we do ensure that the writing standards of our publication are maintained.

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